Snack #6

Croissant with an Origina, Paris, France

This was a quick snack we grabbed out-and-about in Paris.  Just a simple croissant and an Origina for me.  The croissant was deliciously flaky and fatty.  I opted for the Origina from the fountain because I had only even had it from the bottle or can.  It was still Origina, one of the greatest sodas ever invented, but it had a lot less pulp than the prepackaged variety.  I want more pulp.  I’ll stick with the can/bottle from now on.

Apricot danish with coffee Americain, Paris, France

This was Charity’s snack.

Meal #73: Lunch

Hotdog on a baguette covered in melted cheese, Paris, France

This was no joke, a hot dog on a baguette.  They are everywhere in Paris.  It definitely tastes better than our American hot dogs on a way-too-soft bun.  This particular one wasn’t especially awesome, but it wasn’t terrible.  It was too much for me, I couldn’t finish it.  The bread was crispy from the extra time in the oven, and the cheese was nice and browned on the top.  We sat outside and were immediately joined by a poor little pirate pigeon, (he only had one foot).  He seemed very self-conscious of his missing foot when the other pigeons were near, he was sheepish and aggressive.  I wanted to take him home and care for him, but Charity refused.  Where ever you are little friend, keep on limpin’ and keep your head up, you’re doing just fine.

Salami and ham sandwich, Paris, France

This was what Charity had for lunch today.

Meal #72: Dinner

Steak with Roquefort sauce and aligot and salad, Paris, France

This was a very tasty meal that Charity and Cyrille and I had at a little restaurant less than a block from Jessie’s apartment.  The steak and Roquefort sauce was the plat du jour, and Cyrille told me I just had to try aligot, (pronounced AL-e-go).  Aligot is a dish traditionally prepared in the region Rodez is in, thus Cyrille was excited for us to try it.  It’s basically mashed potatoes that are beaten to death while adding enormous amounts of cheese.  Aligot has a very smooth and cheesy texture, when a bit is lifted from the pile with a fork it takes on the appearance of taffy being stretched.  It tastes great, more cheese flavor than potato.  My salad was great with a tasty vingrette, always predressed, no choice of dressing here in France.

Meat with aligot and green beans, Paris, France

This was what Charity ordered.

Meal #71: Lunch

Salami, butter and cheese sandwich, Paris/Verseille, France

We made these simple but delicious salami sandwiches for our picnic in the beautiful gardens of the Palais de Verseille.  The bread was a nice baguette from the little corner bakery by Jessie’s apartment.  Baked fresh daily, these baguettes are simply amazing.  The salami, butter and emmental were nothing special, but on the baguette it made for a great sandwich.  Not pictured, but also consumed were lots of salty green olives and a few bags of Lays Nature flavor potato chips.  It was a nice little picnic in a beautiful garden.

Meal #70: Breakfast

Toad in a hole with a fried egg on the side, Jessie's apartment, Paris, France

I proudly created this amazing American breakfast for Charity and I to enjoy, Cyrille wouldn’t go near it.  In France, unlike America, the French only eat a small breakfast consisting of sweets only.  They eat sweet cakes or sweet breads covered in Nutella, very sugary cereals, cookies, candies, and anything else that has a high sugar content.  They refuse to eat anything savory in the morning, it litterally disgusts them.  But, since we are American, Charity and I love savory breakfast.  The toad in a holes I made were awesome.  I used nice crusty bread from the corner bakery, nice French butter, and eggs that were fresh and hormone free.  A great way to start the day in Paris!

Meal #69: Dinner

Puff pastry filled with chicken stew and peas, Jessie's appartment, Paris, France

This was the first meal Charity prepared since leaving DeKalb.  Cyrille suggested we make it because it’s easy and delicious.  He was mostly right.  While this dish was nothing spectacular, it was very easy to make and very tasty.  The pastry dough and filling come seperately.  The dough was refridgerated and ready to bake with pre-cut holes.  The filling was from a jar, (not the same as jarred/canned foods in America, much better).  Charity doctored it up a little, with a little of this, a little of that, whatever spices and herbs Jessie had in the apartment.  We had steamed peas on the side, which I chose to spoon into my little potpies as I ate.  Tasty tasty tasty.  Much to Cyrille’s surprise, I managed to eat five of these, he had only one.

Snack #5

Strawberry crepes with coffee, Paris, France

Just as it began to rain, Charity and Cyrille and I ducked into a small creperie for a quick snack to enjoy while waiting out the weather.  This was a delicious crepe filled with strawberries in a sweet syrupy sauce.  After only about 30 minutes, the rain had subsided, and we continued on with lifted spirits and a sweet taste in our mouths.

Meal #68: Lunch

Pate with salad and sour pickles, Paris, France

This was the first course in my “menu”, (multiple course meal for one set price).  This was a great first course, as it was kind of light and cold.  The pate was excellent, very soft and flavorful.  The salad was crisp with a nice emulsified vinaigrette.  The tiny pickles were very sour, with a huge crunch, just the way I like them.

Baked fish and potatoes with salad, Paris, France

For my second course I chose this lovely baked fish and potato dish.  I really could have eaten this one all day.  Under the baked-brown herb crusted top there was a smoothly blended fish and potato creamy filling.  It was nothing but delicious.  The salad was the same as the first, still delicious though.

Pouched peach wedges in a raspberry sauce, Paris, France

For the third and final course of my menu I chose the poached peaches with raspberry sauce.  A truly simple but delicious dish.  The peaches were tender and so soft and sweet.  The raspberry sauce was a bit tart so as to cut the sweetness of the peaches just perfectly.  A great ending to a great menu.

Roquefort salad, Paris, France

This was the first dish Charity chose for her menu.

Oven roasted chicken with mashed potatoes and salad, Paris, France

This was what Charity chose as the second course of her menu.

Fromage with salad, Paris, France

This is what Charity chose for her dessert course.

Meal #67: Dinner

Crepes with fromage and nectarines and chips and wine, Jessie's apartment, Paris, France

Our amazingly kind host Cyrille made us savory crepes for dinner.  He used his mother’s recipe, the very same crepes recipe that he used to make us crepes two years ago in our very own DeKalb kitchen!  They were delicious.  We filled them with grated emmental cheese, which tastes a lot like a mild cheddar.  We had potato chips and nectarines on the side, and we finished the meal with chunks of delicious Roquefort.

Meal #66: Second Lunch

Italian salad with prosciutto and tomatoes and mozzarella, Paris, France

This was a delicious second lunch at a cute little brasserie near Le Tour Eiffel.  The greens were fresh and crisp.  The prosciutto was tender and salty, complemented perfectly by the soft basil and olive oil drizzled mozzarella.  The vinaigrette was emulsified, giving it a creamy texture that tasted excellent.