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Meal #63: Lunch

More yummy rabbit!



Meal #60: Lunch

Yum! We went to a lovely restaurant in Moutieres for a proper Sunday lunch. We both had steak frites and a green salad with a very cold rose. We finished with an excellent cup of espresso.

The steak was a bit on the thin side, but the cook expertly cooked it to medium rare. The frites were thin and very crispy- perfect, and the salad was fresh and crisp with a lovely sweet balsamic dressing. The cold rose was refreshing on this hot day and the espresso was just what we needed to get us moving after such a huge lunch:)





Meal #51: Lunch

I’m still having fun with stale bread! For lunch I made an oh-so-delicious panzanella salad. A traditional Italian salad of tomatoes, stale bread, olive oil and vinegar. No, we’re not in Italy, but we are a short two hour drive away, and they too know how to make a feast from stale bread.

I started by generously coating the bread in extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. Then baked it to create croutons. I made a zesty vinaigrette of Dijon mustard and red wine vinegar. I then sautéed zucchini, onions, mushrooms, and red bell pepper with thyme and a touch of oil. I cooked all the veg until just crisp tender then tossed the hot veg with tomatoes, croutons, and the vinaigrette. The bread soaked up the warm veggie juices and vinaigrette.

Wow! It was yummy. Adam finished his then eyed mine until I relented and gave him the remainder. I’m glad I can make him so happy:)


Meal #43: Linner/Dunch

Wow. France is not going well. We got up bright and early after a long, hungry and thirsty day of travel the day before and headed to Lyon to return our rental car. Everything was going fine, until traffic came to a complete stop on the A 43. At first we thought, “no big deal. It won’t take them that long to clean up the accident”. Then after two hours stuck in one spot on a hot, French motorway with no water, we thought, “Oh my god! We’re gonna die out here”. Finally after 2 1/2 hours, police came through and directed everyone to slowly exit the motorway via a narrow, gravel shoulder. We were so relieved, but concerned we would have to pay the €150 late return fee on the rental.

We rushed to Lyon and arrived two hours late. Thankfully, the clerk was very kind and didn’t charge us the fee. She had heard about the accident. We still don’t know what happened, but it must have been really bad:/ By the time everything was settled we were exhausted. We stopped by a small convenience store-like grocery and picked up a couple things for a simple dinner. Why is it so difficult to get three squares around here?!? We had arugula salads with apple and shallot balsamic vinaigrette. Fried eggs and crusty French bread with country pâté. Not bad.


Meal #41: Linner/Dunch

After flying into Lyon, we rented a car an headed for the Alps- about a two hour drive (took us 3 1/2:). Everything was going great until we were ready to stop for some lunch and groceries to take up to our remote chalet. EVERYTHING was closed! Little did we know everything closes by 11am on Sundays- Crazy! We hadn’t had anything to eat or drink since 6am and by 3pm we were desperate.

We finally found a restaurant that was “open”. I think it was actually a private Father’s Day party, but the woman felt sorry for us (I think. She only spoke French) and gave us a table. They had only one dish on offer- a strange duck covered in a creamy sauce with ratatouille, a puffy omelette thing, and bacon wrapped asparagus. It was all very good actually. The nice woman then brought us a bowl of fromage blanc (fresh creamy cheese similar to yogurt) with sugar and a selection of cheeses. We thought lunch was done, but then she brought us an amazing dessert. A small almond cake covered in a creamy vanilla custard then topped with a spectacular apricot gel and fresh crushed pistachios and almonds. It was surrounded by a mote of cream and strawberry coulis- the best part of the meal! The dessert was spot on!

After we finished our meal, we asked for the bill and Adam gave her our credit card. It didn’t work! They only accepted “chip” cards which we don’t have in the US. We had no cash, so we said we would go to the ATM- NOPE! Closed. We had to apologize profusely and promise we would pay the next day. Embarrassing! They were very kind and didn’t act too upset. We paid them the next day. We never found an open grocery store. Luckily our kind exchange partner left us two bottles of excellent local wine. 😉








Meal #39: Linner/Dunch

I finally made it back to my childhood home- Brighton, England! It was much different than I recalled. Much larger, busier, and dirtier (the Brighton waste disposal workers were on strike:), but it was still awesome to return. The pier as well as the amazing fish and chips were just as I remembered. We went to The Palm Court which is at the very end of lovely Brighton Pier. The fish was fresh, tender, and super moist with a perfect crispy-fatty exterior. The chips were just right with malt vinegar. We also shared a pitcher of Pimm’s with all the trims. So refreshing!