Light dinner

After such a large lunch, we decided to keep diner light. Additionally, we’re planning a trip to a Thai buffet for brunch tomorrow 😁

We had smoked salmon spread, spicy pickles we bought at the market from the man who made them, Brie, raspberry jam, and crackers. Not too shabby.  




Finnish meatballs 

We made delicious Finnish meatballs , mashed potatoes, lingonberry sauce, creamed spinach, and salads reminiscent of all-day Ikea shopping extravaganzas😜 

 For dessert we had Huttunen- a Finnish wine made with garden currents and grapes from European vineyards. The box claims that it is “medium sweet”, but we decided it’s “sweet sweet”. Perfect served with gourmet, chewy, delicacies (aka gummy Haribo candies). 😊

Breakfast a la Jill

Jill made a wonderful Scandinavian spread for breakfast: rye toast, spreadable cheese, dill, smoked and salt cured salmon, tomatoes, cucumbers, and perfectly hard boiled eggs. We also tried a Finnish favorite Vispis- a semolina porrage cooked with lingonberries, chilled, then served with milk and sugar. It was not my favorite 😏  



Dinner with friends 

after getting settled we had a yummy dinner. I made fresh green salads with blues cheese dressing, oven roasted potatoes, sautéed zucchini, onion, mushrooms, and garlic, and two kinds of Finnish sausage. I didn’t love the lighter colored sausage- it was very soft, almost bouncy. But we all liked the darker, more smokey and chewy sausage.