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Castles and coffee

We continued heading south and decided to stop at a beautiful castle just twenty minutes outside Budweis.

The caste was, unfortunately, already closed for the day, but we were able to enjoy it from the outside!

We had some traditional Turkish coffee after sightseeing- it was interesting… Lots of sediment.








Meal #50: Breakfast

Mmmm…. I love France and that I’m a great cook 😉 On the menu today- Pain perdu avec abrigot et fromage blanc. Nourriture délicieuse!

I made French toast with cream, eggs, salt, and a touch of nutmeg. The baguette was VERY stale, so I let the bread soak for a long time. I toasted it in plenty of butter over low heat so the exterior got brown, crisp, and caramelized while the interior stayed rich and custardy- Parfait! J’aime la nourriture Française!

I melted some apricot jam and cut up some fresh apricots. Then I plopped a generous portion of fromage blanc in the middle and topped it all with the melted jam, fresh apricots and alpine flowers. Served it with some bitter French roast coffee and voila- breakfast!



Meal #47: Breakfast

What a lovely Alpine morning! After a leisurely walk whilst picking beautiful flowers (to flower aficionados: yes, those are ranunculus, and yes, they grow wild here!), I had toasted pain de campagne, or country bread, with butter and apricot preserves from the Savoie region. Why can’t our apricots taste this good? The jam is sooooo flavorful. Fruity and floral with the most concentrated apricot flavor. I think I’m going to buy thirty of these little jars so I can bathe in it! I also had a great cup of strong French roast coffee and some sweet and tangy cherries.