Meal #69: Dinner

Puff pastry filled with chicken stew and peas, Jessie's appartment, Paris, France

This was the first meal Charity prepared since leaving DeKalb.  Cyrille suggested we make it because it’s easy and delicious.  He was mostly right.  While this dish was nothing spectacular, it was very easy to make and very tasty.  The pastry dough and filling come seperately.  The dough was refridgerated and ready to bake with pre-cut holes.  The filling was from a jar, (not the same as jarred/canned foods in America, much better).  Charity doctored it up a little, with a little of this, a little of that, whatever spices and herbs Jessie had in the apartment.  We had steamed peas on the side, which I chose to spoon into my little potpies as I ate.  Tasty tasty tasty.  Much to Cyrille’s surprise, I managed to eat five of these, he had only one.


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