Meal #72: Dinner

Steak with Roquefort sauce and aligot and salad, Paris, France

This was a very tasty meal that Charity and Cyrille and I had at a little restaurant less than a block from Jessie’s apartment.  The steak and Roquefort sauce was the plat du jour, and Cyrille told me I just had to try aligot, (pronounced AL-e-go).  Aligot is a dish traditionally prepared in the region Rodez is in, thus Cyrille was excited for us to try it.  It’s basically mashed potatoes that are beaten to death while adding enormous amounts of cheese.  Aligot has a very smooth and cheesy texture, when a bit is lifted from the pile with a fork it takes on the appearance of taffy being stretched.  It tastes great, more cheese flavor than potato.  My salad was great with a tasty vingrette, always predressed, no choice of dressing here in France.

Meat with aligot and green beans, Paris, France

This was what Charity ordered.


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