Meal #73: Lunch

Hotdog on a baguette covered in melted cheese, Paris, France

This was no joke, a hot dog on a baguette.  They are everywhere in Paris.  It definitely tastes better than our American hot dogs on a way-too-soft bun.  This particular one wasn’t especially awesome, but it wasn’t terrible.  It was too much for me, I couldn’t finish it.  The bread was crispy from the extra time in the oven, and the cheese was nice and browned on the top.  We sat outside and were immediately joined by a poor little pirate pigeon, (he only had one foot).  He seemed very self-conscious of his missing foot when the other pigeons were near, he was sheepish and aggressive.  I wanted to take him home and care for him, but Charity refused.  Where ever you are little friend, keep on limpin’ and keep your head up, you’re doing just fine.

Salami and ham sandwich, Paris, France

This was what Charity had for lunch today.


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