Meal #68: Lunch

Pate with salad and sour pickles, Paris, France

This was the first course in my “menu”, (multiple course meal for one set price).  This was a great first course, as it was kind of light and cold.  The pate was excellent, very soft and flavorful.  The salad was crisp with a nice emulsified vinaigrette.  The tiny pickles were very sour, with a huge crunch, just the way I like them.

Baked fish and potatoes with salad, Paris, France

For my second course I chose this lovely baked fish and potato dish.  I really could have eaten this one all day.  Under the baked-brown herb crusted top there was a smoothly blended fish and potato creamy filling.  It was nothing but delicious.  The salad was the same as the first, still delicious though.

Pouched peach wedges in a raspberry sauce, Paris, France

For the third and final course of my menu I chose the poached peaches with raspberry sauce.  A truly simple but delicious dish.  The peaches were tender and so soft and sweet.  The raspberry sauce was a bit tart so as to cut the sweetness of the peaches just perfectly.  A great ending to a great menu.

Roquefort salad, Paris, France

This was the first dish Charity chose for her menu.

Oven roasted chicken with mashed potatoes and salad, Paris, France

This was what Charity chose as the second course of her menu.

Fromage with salad, Paris, France

This is what Charity chose for her dessert course.


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