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Best Papa Bear in the land 😍

So, this is the first non-food related post on my food blog (and the last post for the summer), but I can't resist the opportunity to brag about and thank my awesome Dad! While we were away playing, he replaced our tires, waxed our car multiple times, and completely detailed the inside! We love our little Yaris and he has taken such good care of it through the years. I'm sure it would've been long gone without all his hard work and diligence. Thanks, love you Daddy 😘😘😘


Best Mama Bear in the land!

We got home late last night and we were exhausted… no time for groceries. Luckily, Mom had us covered. She left breakfast in the refrigerator for us! Truly, the best Mama Bear in the land! ❤️❤️❤️❤️Perfect breakfast spread- quiche, fruit salad, coffee, and OJ. The fruit salad was super fresh and consisted of all my favorites- love ya mom!! The quiche was seriously amazing. I think the best quiche I've ever had. I could taste the love in every bite❤️ It had broccoli, onion, bacon, and super creamy smoked Gouda. Love. Pure love.


We had an amazing time in the Balkans, but we're ready to go home. We miss our people, our puppy, and our comfy bed! 😜We were not sad to say goodbye to our rental car… it was a joke 😂Thanks again to Jovo for his hospitality and the breakfast Burek before our flight 😍


We stopped for dessert at a tiny little shop that sold only desserts. We tried the pistachio Kadayif with Turkish tea. It was really delicious – full of pistachios and generously drizzled with honey. It reminded us of Frosted Miniwheats with honey and pistachios 😊👍🏻

Ilidza, Bosnia

Pretty springs near the head of the Bosna River. We enjoyed a nice walk through the cool, calm forest. Yummy and homy veal stew. I loved it… maybe I'm getting home sick?…Nah! 😜Cauliflower salad… not what we expected from the menu explanation. The veggies were frozen the defrosted before being doused in a thick dressing… meh. We loved these Klepe- Bosnian meat stuffed ravioli-like pasta with sour cream on top. Really, really good!I'm sorry I forgot to take a photo of the receipt. The meal cost about $23- a great deal!

Back in Bosnia

Breakfast Macchiato and sandwich. Lol- we ordered a Croque Monsieur (classic French sandwich with ham, cheese, and béchamel on toasted baguette) and got this instead- turkey and cheese with a sun dried tomato spread and lettuce. It was not so good. Edible, I guess. The market A Mosque and a motorbike Great Bosnian Cevapi with onion, bread, and yogurt. I love this picture 😍 I bought some pretty cloth napkins from her 👍🏻Lol! Check out the name of this restaurant… familiar? We checked out the much contested "pyramids"… we can't decide if we think they're real. Most scientists believe they're natural rock formations, but they're too perfect and the construction (under the now forest) is so perfectly laid out… it really could be man made. If they are manmade, they're the largest and oldest pyramids in the world, and we climbed one of them😃👍🏻Our pyramid tour guide.