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Meal #71: Lunch

Salami, butter and cheese sandwich, Paris/Verseille, France

We made these simple but delicious salami sandwiches for our picnic in the beautiful gardens of the Palais de Verseille.  The bread was a nice baguette from the little corner bakery by Jessie’s apartment.  Baked fresh daily, these baguettes are simply amazing.  The salami, butter and emmental were nothing special, but on the baguette it made for a great sandwich.  Not pictured, but also consumed were lots of salty green olives and a few bags of Lays Nature flavor potato chips.  It was a nice little picnic in a beautiful garden.


Meal #14: Lunch

Salami and cheese panini, a small French deli, Oxford, UK

This was the first time I stopped in at this deli, but I walk past it almost every day.  They have all kinds of amazing looking sandwiches ready to be pressed.  The salami and cheese looked great, and it tasted so as well.  Salty salami and creamy cheese on a crusty grilled baguette.  It was great, I will stop there again I think.