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Brauertag Munich

OMG! What luck! We didn’t realize it, but we were headed to Munich on one of the best days of the year- Braurtag, Brewers Day! All the Munich breweries take a sacred oath to uphold the beer purity laws of 1487, Reinheitsgebot, which dictate the ingredients that are allowed to be in beer. The priest gives his blessing AND….. Let the FREE BEER flow!

We happened upon the celebration in the Viktualienmarkt. DREAM come true! There were men in lederhosen, women and children in traditional Bavarian dresses, three brass bands, dancers, whip cracking guys, spectacularly decorated horses and carriages, and FREE BEER! I feel so thankful that we experienced such an awesome display of Bavarian culture. Blessed!












My new shoes.

My new shoes from the Primark, Oxford, UK

If I had known how awesome the Primark clothing store is before I left for Oxford, I wouldn’t have packed any clothes!  All the clothes are really cool, and ultra cheap.  Cheaper than in the US.  V-neck T-shirts for only £2!  I bought some shorts and shirts, and this pair of awesomely crappy English shoes!  They look cool and help me fit in here with the locals, but I feel like I’m barefoot when I’m wearing them.  Had to get them though, they were just £5!

My 5-week home-away-from-home.

Stairway XXVIII, Room 1, Oriel College, Oxford, UK

My new home!  Its really not a bad room for a dorm.  Since our buildings were converted from apartments many years ago, everyone’s room is different.  Mine has a large closet whereas some don’t even have a closet at all.  My bathroom is larger than most as well.  All our rooms also have different furniture as well.  A couple super lucky people have small refridgerators, I have a piano!  I wish I new how to play.

Corridor to Stairway XXVIII, Oriel College, Oxford, UK

This is the outdoor corridor leading to my stairway.  Lots of people bike around here.

My room from the outside, Oriel College, Oxford, UK

This is my room, the purple wall with the slightly open windows.  This is the bad part about my rooom.  I am on the ground floor.  Although I don’t have to climb any stairs, I can only open my windows about four inches, for security.  They are blocked with little blocks of wood screwed into the frame.  And this alley is a busy walkway.

Dinning hall, Oriel College, Oxford, UK

This is where I eat breakfast and dinner most of the time.  Except for the pictures that I lost, I have forgotten to take breakfast pictures every single day.  I promise I will take one next time.