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Meal #103: Dinner

We bought some sausage kabobs from a local producer – they’re so cute! I made polenta and a mixed vegetable sauté with zucchini, bell pepper, onion, garlic, tomato, and mushroom. It was all simple and good. Gary and Adam grilled the sausages and the meal was complete. Yum!



Meal #94: Dinner

We were still very full after our Italian lunch, so we kept dinner light and easy. On our way to Italy we stopped at a Petit Ferme (small farm) and bought fresh cheese from an adorable little girl. We bought Tomme de Savoie and Serac – all handmade by the little girl’s father! We also bought some beautiful cheese from a cheese shop in Italy – Pecorino Romano, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Taleggio (yes, Jill it was awesome)!

So I made a fabulous cheese platter with all the cheese we bought as well as a lovely tomato salad with crazy heirloom tomatoes, basil, olive oil, salt, and pepper. All served with amazing local wine, of course!


Meal #66: Second Lunch

Italian salad with prosciutto and tomatoes and mozzarella, Paris, France

This was a delicious second lunch at a cute little brasserie near Le Tour Eiffel.  The greens were fresh and crisp.  The prosciutto was tender and salty, complemented perfectly by the soft basil and olive oil drizzled mozzarella.  The vinaigrette was emulsified, giving it a creamy texture that tasted excellent.

Meal #65: Lunch

Ham and hard-boiled egg sandwich with lettuce and tomato, Paris, France

This was our first lunch in Paris.  We popped into a small sandwich shop for a quick lunch.  My sandwich was on nice bread that was chewy on the inside and crunchy on the outside but sweeter than a baguette.  The ham was nice, and I liked the sliced hard-boiled eggs.  The vegetables were not the best, but overall, it was a decent sandwich for a quick lunch.

Prosciutto with goat cheese and arugula and olive oil, Paris, France
A somewhat disappointing sandwich.  All the ingredients sound delicious, but the bread was so big, it completely overwhelmed the delicate flavors.

Meal #64: Dinner

Fish and cream in a little pot with salad and bread, Bruuge, Belgium

This was not the best dinner ever.  The fish and cream sauce was okay on flavor, but the fish was very overcooked.  The bread was just some white sandwich bread, not so great.  But the salad was very nice with tender lettuce and sweet corn, sprouts and tomato, carrots and endive.  It was not a terrible meal, but I hope to never have to eat it again.

Ham and cheese in a little pot with tomatoes and wheat bread, Bruuge, Belgium

This was a very strange but tasty dish.  The hot gratinèed ham was delicious spread on the chewy bread.

Meal #63: Lunch

Mushroom and bacon salad, Bruuge, Belgium

This salad jumped right out of the menu at me.  Who wouldn’t want to eat a mushroom and bacon salad?  The salad was made up of a buttery lettuce somewhat like Boston, tomato wedges, cucumber slices and crunchy croutons with a creamy dressing.  The salad itself was a good salad, but then they decided to make it an awesome salad so they topped it with a heaping pile of warm mushrooms and bacon.  The bacon was awesome, like it always is when it’s actual bacon, from the belly.  And the mushrooms were heavy and earthy.  It was an incredible salad, one of the best salads I’ve ever had!

Shrimp croquette with salad and bread, Bruuge, Belgium

Charity’s first course was a shrimp croquette with salad.  The croquette was hot and creamy on the inside, with a really crispy exterior, and very delicate flavors, which pared very nicely with the salad and simple vinaigrette.

Flemish beef stew with apple compote and frites, Bruuge, Belgium

I had no idea what to expect when I ordered Flemish stew.  I was pleasantly surprised.  The tender chunks of beef were in a really great silky ale and beef gravy.  I would have appreciated some carrots, onions, and peas in the stew.  The frites were crispy and salty.  The apple compote was a nice sweet relief from the very salty stew and frites.  Overall, a very strange lunch combination, however, very pleasing and I will definitely try to make this at home.

Meal #42: Lunch

Prosciutto and tomato sandwich with mushroom risotto, Pret A Manger, London, UK

Pret A Manger, what else would I eat?  I just love Pret so much, how will I live without it back in DeKalb?  This was a truly great sandwich.  Silky prosciutto with fresh tomato and lettuce and a bit of mayonnaise, all on an artisan baguette.  The risotto was great as well, very smooth and extra mushroomy.  The grape and elderflower soda was crisp and floral and refreshing, as always.

Meal #39: Lunch

Cheddar and pickle sandwich with tomato soup, Pret A Manger, Oxford, UK

Another amazing lunch from Pret A Manger! Not really French at all, but so good all the same. This was a very good cheddar and pickle sandwich with a cup of smooth and tasty tomato soup. I normally don’t like tomato soup, but today I decided to be brave and put all my trust in the Pret. It paid off, this was a very simple but very tasty lunch.

Meal #23: Lunch

Chicken and bacon sandwich with soup, Pret, Oxford, UK

Pret is my new favorite lunch spot, it’s like Eat. but better.  They sell sandwiches and salads and soups and weird drinks with a flair for interesting combinations that are inexpensive as well as delicious.  My sandwich was awesome!  Marinated grilled chicken that was slightly shredded and added to the mayonnaise, layered with thick pieces of salty English bacon, and a fresh punch of mixed greens.  The soup was a bacon and tomato with crème fraiche.  I normally don’t go for tomato soups, but it sounded so good, I just had to get it.  And it was well worth it, so creamy and smooth with chunks of that amazing salty English bacon.  The drink was pretty great as well, it was another “no nasties” sparkling beverage flavored this time with grape and elderflower!  It was more tart than sweet, but also very pleasantly aromatic.  Overall, it was a great lunch!  I will be back to Pret again!