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A loss of data.

I am on day 6 of my adventure in Europe and I am finally drafting my first post.  Well, not exactly.

The goal of this blog was to photographically document every meal that I will consume in Europe.  I began my trip fully commited to this plan.  I photographed my first meal, airplane food, and described it with wit and vigur.  I even photographed and drafted a description for my second meal on the plane, as well as snack in Dublin, my first dinner here at Oriel College, and even my first breakfast.  So where are these awesome posts?  Well… long story short, I lost some data.  Those memories are gone forever. Alas, to travel.

Upset by my losses, I have since been less vigil, and as such, I’ve forgotten to document a couple meals.  I am newly confident that I can still have a great result from this project.  So, here comes meal number “one.”