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Meal #53: Breakfast

More yummy jam…
Plus pics of the chalet, per my mom’s request:)










Meal #47: Breakfast

What a lovely Alpine morning! After a leisurely walk whilst picking beautiful flowers (to flower aficionados: yes, those are ranunculus, and yes, they grow wild here!), I had toasted pain de campagne, or country bread, with butter and apricot preserves from the Savoie region. Why can’t our apricots taste this good? The jam is sooooo flavorful. Fruity and floral with the most concentrated apricot flavor. I think I’m going to buy thirty of these little jars so I can bathe in it! I also had a great cup of strong French roast coffee and some sweet and tangy cherries.



Meal #30: Dinner

Our last meal in Dublin and it was excellent! We went to Green 19. The restaurant had a great atmosphere, excellent service, and even better food. We were all very happy with our meals. Unfortunately, I’m dealing with a cold, so I stuck to simple soupy type fare – tea, soup, salad (I need vitamins:) Adam had pan seared duck breast with celeriac purée, mashed potatoes and black berries. The duck was cooked perfectly- juicy and medium rare with a crispy exterior. The mashed potatoes were smooth and creamy and served with grilled baby leeks. I had the cream of mushroom soup. It was earthy, creamy and served very hot- perfect! The fresh green salad was crisp and perfectly sour with malt vinegar and green tomatoes. We finished our great meal with a perfectly crunchy-creamy creme brûlée. Ireland, it’s been great. Thanks!





Meal #71: Lunch

Salami, butter and cheese sandwich, Paris/Verseille, France

We made these simple but delicious salami sandwiches for our picnic in the beautiful gardens of the Palais de Verseille.  The bread was a nice baguette from the little corner bakery by Jessie’s apartment.  Baked fresh daily, these baguettes are simply amazing.  The salami, butter and emmental were nothing special, but on the baguette it made for a great sandwich.  Not pictured, but also consumed were lots of salty green olives and a few bags of Lays Nature flavor potato chips.  It was a nice little picnic in a beautiful garden.

Meal #70: Breakfast

Toad in a hole with a fried egg on the side, Jessie's apartment, Paris, France

I proudly created this amazing American breakfast for Charity and I to enjoy, Cyrille wouldn’t go near it.  In France, unlike America, the French only eat a small breakfast consisting of sweets only.  They eat sweet cakes or sweet breads covered in Nutella, very sugary cereals, cookies, candies, and anything else that has a high sugar content.  They refuse to eat anything savory in the morning, it litterally disgusts them.  But, since we are American, Charity and I love savory breakfast.  The toad in a holes I made were awesome.  I used nice crusty bread from the corner bakery, nice French butter, and eggs that were fresh and hormone free.  A great way to start the day in Paris!

Meal #63: Lunch

Mushroom and bacon salad, Bruuge, Belgium

This salad jumped right out of the menu at me.  Who wouldn’t want to eat a mushroom and bacon salad?  The salad was made up of a buttery lettuce somewhat like Boston, tomato wedges, cucumber slices and crunchy croutons with a creamy dressing.  The salad itself was a good salad, but then they decided to make it an awesome salad so they topped it with a heaping pile of warm mushrooms and bacon.  The bacon was awesome, like it always is when it’s actual bacon, from the belly.  And the mushrooms were heavy and earthy.  It was an incredible salad, one of the best salads I’ve ever had!

Shrimp croquette with salad and bread, Bruuge, Belgium

Charity’s first course was a shrimp croquette with salad.  The croquette was hot and creamy on the inside, with a really crispy exterior, and very delicate flavors, which pared very nicely with the salad and simple vinaigrette.

Flemish beef stew with apple compote and frites, Bruuge, Belgium

I had no idea what to expect when I ordered Flemish stew.  I was pleasantly surprised.  The tender chunks of beef were in a really great silky ale and beef gravy.  I would have appreciated some carrots, onions, and peas in the stew.  The frites were crispy and salty.  The apple compote was a nice sweet relief from the very salty stew and frites.  Overall, a very strange lunch combination, however, very pleasing and I will definitely try to make this at home.

Meal #62: Breakfast

Ham and cheese croissant with hard-boiled egg , Paul and Kristien's B&B, Bruuge, Belgium
Our wonderful bed and breakfast hosts prepared an awesome breakfast for us!  There was a basket of various breads, butter, ham, cheese, hard-boiled eggs, tea, coffee, and fresh squeezed orange juice.  Charity and I both opted for the croissants which we made into sandwiches using liberal amounts of butter, ham, and cheese.  It was perfectly flaky and the ham, cheese, and butter were all high quality.  The hard-boiled eggs were perfectly cooked and tasted fresh from the farm.  The juice was excellent, and the tea and coffee were great as well.  A good way to start the day in Bruuge.