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Snack #5

Strawberry crepes with coffee, Paris, France

Just as it began to rain, Charity and Cyrille and I ducked into a small creperie for a quick snack to enjoy while waiting out the weather.  This was a delicious crepe filled with strawberries in a sweet syrupy sauce.  After only about 30 minutes, the rain had subsided, and we continued on with lifted spirits and a sweet taste in our mouths.


Meal #33: Dinner

Steak and mushroom pie, Oriel College dinning hall, Oxford, UK

I’m always glad to turn up for dinner at the college and see traditional English dishes; it gives me hope that the food will actually be tasty.  Although this steak pie was not quite as good as the pork pie, it was still really tasty.  The chunks of steak were tender, the mushrooms were small and nice, and the gravy was thick and savory.  The crust on the top seemed like it was just too thick, and not flaky enough for my liking.  The potatoes were so-so, as always, and the veg was not too good.  The dessert was whipped cream with a very small amount of lemon custard mixed in randomly.  The salad was bad, and made worse by my mistake of trying the salad cream, yuck.  But the steak and mushroom pie was pretty tasty, so it wasn’t a total loss.