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Meal #48: Lunch

Couldn’t decide what to have for lunch. Too many choices now. So we had a little of everything:) Half a croissant with country pâté, Comte, Dijon, and greens. Chips, cornichon, French icicle radishes, apples, and a green salad with a red wine vinaigrette.



Meal #71: Lunch

Salami, butter and cheese sandwich, Paris/Verseille, France

We made these simple but delicious salami sandwiches for our picnic in the beautiful gardens of the Palais de Verseille.  The bread was a nice baguette from the little corner bakery by Jessie’s apartment.  Baked fresh daily, these baguettes are simply amazing.  The salami, butter and emmental were nothing special, but on the baguette it made for a great sandwich.  Not pictured, but also consumed were lots of salty green olives and a few bags of Lays Nature flavor potato chips.  It was a nice little picnic in a beautiful garden.

Meal #67: Dinner

Crepes with fromage and nectarines and chips and wine, Jessie's apartment, Paris, France

Our amazingly kind host Cyrille made us savory crepes for dinner.  He used his mother’s recipe, the very same crepes recipe that he used to make us crepes two years ago in our very own DeKalb kitchen!  They were delicious.  We filled them with grated emmental cheese, which tastes a lot like a mild cheddar.  We had potato chips and nectarines on the side, and we finished the meal with chunks of delicious Roquefort.

Meal #60: Dinner

Breakfast at Tiffany's burger, Atomic Burger, Oxford, UK

I’ve wanted to try Atomic Burger since my first week in Oxford, and I finally did!  We used some coupons we found in a magazine to get free milkshakes and chips with our burgers.  What a deal!  We ate with our Oxford friend Stu and our DeKalb friend Eric.  It was a pretty good meal.  I ordered the “Breakfast at Tiffany’s burger” which was cleverly named as it included a fried egg (breakfast) and onion rings (Tiffany’s).  It was very tasty.  The meat was juicy, the egg was fried to perfection with a runny yoke.  The bun was crispy with a thin layer of flour, (I love it when they do that).  The onion rings were perfectly crisp and slightly sweet.  The chips had a generous dusting of some type of spicy concoction that gave them just enough kick to not be forgotten.  The milkshake was smooth and creamy, and cold.

Cheese burger with carmelized onions and barbeque sauce, Atomic Burger, Oxford, UK

Charity had the bacon barbeque cheeseburger with carmelized onions.  The burger was greasy and delicious. I enjoyed the real bacon after only getting English bacon for the last week.  It was really good but I couldn’t finish it, I only ate half.  The chips were nice and spicy, and the milkshake was sweet and refreshingly cold.

Meal #31: Dinner

Steak and kidney pudding, The King's Head, Salisbury, UK

After going to Stonehenge, we drove into Salisbury to get dinner.  Dr. Holbrook, my biology professor, suggested that we try The King’s Head.  It was a giant bar and restaurant.  Easily the biggest restaurant I’ve been to since arriving in England.  I ordered the steak and kidney pudding, with chips and peas.  The pudding was really nice.  It had a great gravy, and big chunks of steak inside.  I could have used more kidneys in there, as I only noticed one bite of kidney.  The crust was crispy and flaky, buttery and soft on the inside.  The chips and peas were run-of-the-mill but still tasty after a drizzle of gravy.  I really like English food when its actual English dishes.  All the pies, puddings, and pasties I’ve had have been wonderful, I don’t know why anyone would say that English food is bad!  It’s when they try to make something unusual or foreign that they get into trouble, so it seems to me.

Meal #27: Second Dinner

Chips with all the best toppings, Posh Nosh kebab truck, Oxford, UK

It’s really hard not to get chips after a night out.  The truck is right there…. just calling my name.  Robbie and I got the exact same order without even knowing it!  Which strange because it’s a fairly complicated and diverse set of toppings, from a menu with endless possibilities.  I had chips with salt, vinegar, cheese, chicken, onions, garlic mayonnaise, and chili sauce.  I know that all sounds overwhelming, but it tastes amazing.  I need to travel to Turkey to get some real food though, they really know what they’re doing with these kebabs and such.  Anyway, it’s always a great late night snack.