Meal #70: Breakfast

Toad in a hole with a fried egg on the side, Jessie's apartment, Paris, France

I proudly created this amazing American breakfast for Charity and I to enjoy, Cyrille wouldn’t go near it.  In France, unlike America, the French only eat a small breakfast consisting of sweets only.  They eat sweet cakes or sweet breads covered in Nutella, very sugary cereals, cookies, candies, and anything else that has a high sugar content.  They refuse to eat anything savory in the morning, it litterally disgusts them.  But, since we are American, Charity and I love savory breakfast.  The toad in a holes I made were awesome.  I used nice crusty bread from the corner bakery, nice French butter, and eggs that were fresh and hormone free.  A great way to start the day in Paris!


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