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Snack #5

Strawberry crepes with coffee, Paris, France

Just as it began to rain, Charity and Cyrille and I ducked into a small creperie for a quick snack to enjoy while waiting out the weather.  This was a delicious crepe filled with strawberries in a sweet syrupy sauce.  After only about 30 minutes, the rain had subsided, and we continued on with lifted spirits and a sweet taste in our mouths.

Meal #67: Dinner

Crepes with fromage and nectarines and chips and wine, Jessie's apartment, Paris, France

Our amazingly kind host Cyrille made us savory crepes for dinner.  He used his mother’s recipe, the very same crepes recipe that he used to make us crepes two years ago in our very own DeKalb kitchen!  They were delicious.  We filled them with grated emmental cheese, which tastes a lot like a mild cheddar.  We had potato chips and nectarines on the side, and we finished the meal with chunks of delicious Roquefort.