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Meal #91: Dinner

After a long day of adventure we were all very hungry! I made an herb roasted chicken with steamed broccoli and herb-butter potatoes all with a wonderful bottle of Chignin that we bought from the producer on the wine trail. We also had bread that I bought from a bread vending machine along the way 🙂 Our resident vegan had leftovers.Image



Meal #85: Lunch

Geneva is really beautiful! We really enjoyed walking around the city and building a big appetite for lunch. We went to the highest rated restaurant in Geneva, a roasted chicken place! We split 1/2 a roast chicken with potatoes and sauce of the day and the Swiss salad which included hard-boiled eggs, bacon, gruyere, and garlic dressing. The sauce of the day was outrageously good! It was a rich chicken gravy with garlic and coriander. It was soooo good we were dipping everything in it 🙂 We finished with espresso, as usual!


Meal #52: Dinner

Since we spent the whole day inside (rain and fear of driving down a mountain in it), I had plenty of time to roast a whole chicken and make a lovely wild mushroom risotto with sautéed radish greens and chicken-mushroom gravy.

There’s a serious damp chill in the air, so roasting meats in a hot oven was a must! Everything was very tasty although the plating fell short- sorry Adam. He says that although home is not a restaurant, I should be plating dinner like it is. He suggested molds, rings, forms, and towers of stacked fare with micro-green garnishes. We will see about that. Don’t get me wrong, I believe you eat with your eyes first, but I think a bigger part of me loves a rustic home-cooked look. It seems more comforting and true somehow. Also, I don’t even have a microplane here, let alone a ring mold. Hmmm…


Meal #28: Dinner

Yet another great dinner!!! Made In Belfast- Yelp’s highest rated restaurant in Northern Ireland. We got lucky and arrived early for their £13 prefixe dinner menu! I had fresh goat cheese fritters with pecans, watercress, balsamic, and poached pear salad. I loved he juxtaposition of textures- crispy, crunchy, smooth, creamy, fresh greens, sweet pears and sour vinegar!!! Wow! I then had the fresh- made pasta with Irish cream, free-range chicken, wild mushrooms, ham and Parmesan. It was superbly creamy and silky.

Adam had a savory, earthy creamed mushroom and English asparagus soup with soda and brown bread and salt crusted Irish butter. So yummy! He also had a wild venison pie with creamy champ mashed potatoes. Wow! I officially love Irish food!








Meal #69: Dinner

Puff pastry filled with chicken stew and peas, Jessie's appartment, Paris, France

This was the first meal Charity prepared since leaving DeKalb.  Cyrille suggested we make it because it’s easy and delicious.  He was mostly right.  While this dish was nothing spectacular, it was very easy to make and very tasty.  The pastry dough and filling come seperately.  The dough was refridgerated and ready to bake with pre-cut holes.  The filling was from a jar, (not the same as jarred/canned foods in America, much better).  Charity doctored it up a little, with a little of this, a little of that, whatever spices and herbs Jessie had in the apartment.  We had steamed peas on the side, which I chose to spoon into my little potpies as I ate.  Tasty tasty tasty.  Much to Cyrille’s surprise, I managed to eat five of these, he had only one.

Meal #46: Lunch

Chicken bacon club with sea salt crisps, Pret A Manger, Oxford, UK
My beautiful wife has arrived in Oxford!  From now on, my description will come first, and then Charity’s just below. 

For her first lunch in Oxford with me, I had to take Charity to Pret A Manger, where else?  I had the always amazing chicken bacon club, as previously described, it did not disappoint.  There were no especially good soups today, so I accompanied my club with a bag of sea salt crisps.  Everything was tasty and fresh as always. 

Smoked river trout sandwich with a nectarine and coffee, Pret A Manger, Oxford, UK

My first meal in Oxford! It was simple and lovely. The smoked English river Trout was mild and delicious, especially with the horseradish mayonnaise to brighten it up. The coffee was really good- I know it’s a strange combination, but I really needed some caffeine. The nectarine was sweet and sour perfection. Overall, a great first meal in Oxford!

Meal #27: Second Dinner

Chips with all the best toppings, Posh Nosh kebab truck, Oxford, UK

It’s really hard not to get chips after a night out.  The truck is right there…. just calling my name.  Robbie and I got the exact same order without even knowing it!  Which strange because it’s a fairly complicated and diverse set of toppings, from a menu with endless possibilities.  I had chips with salt, vinegar, cheese, chicken, onions, garlic mayonnaise, and chili sauce.  I know that all sounds overwhelming, but it tastes amazing.  I need to travel to Turkey to get some real food though, they really know what they’re doing with these kebabs and such.  Anyway, it’s always a great late night snack.

Meal #23: Lunch

Chicken and bacon sandwich with soup, Pret, Oxford, UK

Pret is my new favorite lunch spot, it’s like Eat. but better.  They sell sandwiches and salads and soups and weird drinks with a flair for interesting combinations that are inexpensive as well as delicious.  My sandwich was awesome!  Marinated grilled chicken that was slightly shredded and added to the mayonnaise, layered with thick pieces of salty English bacon, and a fresh punch of mixed greens.  The soup was a bacon and tomato with crème fraiche.  I normally don’t go for tomato soups, but it sounded so good, I just had to get it.  And it was well worth it, so creamy and smooth with chunks of that amazing salty English bacon.  The drink was pretty great as well, it was another “no nasties” sparkling beverage flavored this time with grape and elderflower!  It was more tart than sweet, but also very pleasantly aromatic.  Overall, it was a great lunch!  I will be back to Pret again!