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Meal #53: Second Dinner

Fish and chips, The Head of the River, Oxford, UK
We decided to go to The Head of the River for a small second dinner so that Charity could have a taste of the famous English fish and chips.  The Head of the River is where our Aussie friend Shannon works/lives.  We tried to get her to come downstairs and eat with us, but she never showed up?  The fish and chips are good here though so it’s okay, even without Shannon?  The batter on the fish was super crispy and fatty?  The tartar sauce was excellent?

(The question marks are there because in my head I’m hearing Shannon’s accent?  If you know any Australians you’ll understand?)


Meal #30: Second Dinner

Double cheeseburger, McDonald's, London, UK

Mmmmmm, doesn’t that look amazing?  We were slightly hungry after our amazing Chinese food experience, so we stopped in at good ol’ Mickey-D’s for a quick snack.  It was essentially the same, but without mustard.  Apparently, English people don’t like mustard, so it doesn’t come automatically on the burgers.  A cheeseburger without mustard is a strange thing.

Meal #27: Second Dinner

Chips with all the best toppings, Posh Nosh kebab truck, Oxford, UK

It’s really hard not to get chips after a night out.  The truck is right there…. just calling my name.  Robbie and I got the exact same order without even knowing it!  Which strange because it’s a fairly complicated and diverse set of toppings, from a menu with endless possibilities.  I had chips with salt, vinegar, cheese, chicken, onions, garlic mayonnaise, and chili sauce.  I know that all sounds overwhelming, but it tastes amazing.  I need to travel to Turkey to get some real food though, they really know what they’re doing with these kebabs and such.  Anyway, it’s always a great late night snack.