Meal #40: Dinner

Pork cutlets with cous cous and green beans, Oriel College dining hall, Oxford, UK

This was one of the best dinners at the college so far. It wasn’t very English, but it was simple and well prepared. The pork cutlets were breaded and then baked, they were crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The cous cous was wonderful with bits of onion, and peppers. The green beans were not over cooked, which is a big win for the college dining hall. Overall, a good home cooked meal, nothing amazing, but everything was well executed.

Meal #39: Lunch

Cheddar and pickle sandwich with tomato soup, Pret A Manger, Oxford, UK

Another amazing lunch from Pret A Manger! Not really French at all, but so good all the same. This was a very good cheddar and pickle sandwich with a cup of smooth and tasty tomato soup. I normally don’t like tomato soup, but today I decided to be brave and put all my trust in the Pret. It paid off, this was a very simple but very tasty lunch.

Meal #38: Dinner

Ham and three mushroom pizza with Caesar salad, Pizza Express, London, UK

My first trip to the famous Pizza Express! While the name sounds like it would be a hole-in-the-wall take-away place, it’s actually a nice sit-down restaurant. I had half of a three-mushroom and ham pizza. The crust was thin and crispy with small charred patches that were a small burst of flavour. The sauce and cheese were thin, which was good because it left the focus on the three types of mushroom and the thin slices of salty ham. The Caesar salad was great, with a smooth and creamy homemade dressing and thin slices of anchovy. A very good pizza dinner right before Comedy of Errors at The Globe.

Meal #34: Dinner

Steak pasty, Oriel College dinning hall, Oxford, UK

This was an example of a not so good pasty, but that’s college food for you.  The carrots were okay tasting, after I got over my phobia of disc shaped carrots, which I’ve always had bad luck with.  The inside of the pasty was dry and paste-like.  Note the packets of mint sauce on my tray, those are for the salad.  I learned that the mint sauce was the best option for a salad dressing.  They always had mint sauce available for us, but we’re never given any lamb to put it on.  The peach crumble was okay, not great.