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Meal #71: Lunch

On our way to Annecy, we noticed this cute restaurant that was totally full – always a good sign. We both had the menu of the day. We started with the charcuterie plate- delish! Adam had the beef dish, not sure what cut it was, with a delicious country wine gravy and potatoes. I had some kind of white fish with an herb cream sauce and peas with onions and bacon. All was very simple and good. We then had dessert. Adam had the fromage blanc and I had a chocolate brownie-type cake – both nothing special. Of course we completed the meal with espresso 🙂

Apparently we hit the end of the lunch rush, because the place cleared out very quickly after we arrived (maybe we smell bad?). French restaurants are very strange. They are open from 12 until 2:30 then 7 until 10:30. Don’t you dare try to eat at 3pm or 6pm! 😉
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Meal #64: Dinner

Fish and cream in a little pot with salad and bread, Bruuge, Belgium

This was not the best dinner ever.  The fish and cream sauce was okay on flavor, but the fish was very overcooked.  The bread was just some white sandwich bread, not so great.  But the salad was very nice with tender lettuce and sweet corn, sprouts and tomato, carrots and endive.  It was not a terrible meal, but I hope to never have to eat it again.

Ham and cheese in a little pot with tomatoes and wheat bread, Bruuge, Belgium

This was a very strange but tasty dish.  The hot gratinèed ham was delicious spread on the chewy bread.

Meal #44: Dinner

Salted beef with pearl onions, Worm's Head Hotel, Gower Penninsula, Wales, UK

We started with this salted beef and caramelized pearl onions, it was lovely, though not in great abundance.  The beef was salty and tender, the onions had a crunch, but also brought a punch of sugar to the plate.

Hake with fennel and potato, Worm's Head Hotel, Gower Penninsula, Wales, UK
This was my main at the little pub on the cliff of the bay.  It was a delicious pan seared hake fillet laid over crisp-tender fennel stalks.  I normally don’t enjoy liquorice, but this was mild and very nice alongside the delicate fish.  The skin on the hake had a beautiful salted crispy texture.  The potatoes were a nice anchor for every other bite.  It was a beautiful meal, alongside a beautiful view of the most beautiful beach in the UK.

The view from the restaurant, Worm's Head Hotel, Gower Penninsula, Wales, UK

Meal #4: Lunch

The King's Arms, Oxford, UK

Fish and chips, a small mixed greens salad.  For my first ever fish and chips in England, this one was pretty good.  The fish was flaky and perfectly cooked inside it’s crunchy shell of fried batter.  The chips were not so good, a little dry.  But the tarter sauce was home made and awesome.  The salad was a nice touch of freshness on a plate otherwise piled high with friedness.