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Meal #104: Breakfast

Gary made a delicious breakfast hash with dinner leftovers – sausage, potatoes, mushrooms, bell peppers and toast. YUM! Thanks GAP 🙂



Meal #72: Dinner

Another regional speciality. Note: all regional specialties include oozy, melty cheese. Fondu!

Annecy was exceptionally beautiful! Unfortunately, we had a rough drive home. We missed a few turns and the one hour drive became a three hour drive through winding mountain roads. We were low on gas, but our card wouldn’t work at the gas station – fingers crossed, we continued the journey. We were about thirty minutes from home when first and second gear quit engaging! Thankfully Adam is an excellent driver and was able to drive up steep mountain roads in third gear – ridiculous!

After the white knuckle drive up the mountain I was in no mood to prepare a full meal. I kept it simple. I put some cornichon in a bowl, cut up some bread and sausage, and melted some local cheeses (Beaufort, Emmental, Gruyere) with wine (Apremont), Kirsch, and mustard. Voila! Super fatty, tasty, melty fondu dinner! 🙂



Kellie, someday you will visit Europe and when you do, you must visit Annecy. I think you will love it! 😉

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Meal #68: Lunch

We packed a pic-nic and hit the road. We had no plan. We just figured we would find a cute place and stop. We were right! We found Brides-Les-Bains, an adorable city on an amazing rushing river with a gorgeous park. Perfect pic-nic place!

We had a delicious crusty baguette with some funky local cheeses – chevrotin and Tomme de Savoie. As well as some green olives and mini buchettes noisettes (mini sausages). After lounging in the sun for a while, we had dessert! YUM! We bought these little delicacies in Chambery – mini chocolate cupcake, mini lemon tart, and a meringue and raspberry sandwich.They were so yummy! I didn’t want to share with Adam 🙂


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Meal #17: Lunch

Sausages and mash, The Red Lion, Oxford, UK

My first real bangers and mash dish in the UK!  I had lunch at The Red Lion, and a friend suggested the sausage and mash.  It was pretty delicious.  The sausage was much like our breakfast sausage in the states, but better.  The mashed potatoes were smooth and delicious, with a salty but balanced meat gravy.  An excellent example of traditional English cooking.

Meal #11: Lunch

Bag lunch, Oriel College, Oxford, UK

This is the bag lunch we were given to take on our all-day trip to Stratford-upon-Avon and Warwick.  The sandwiches varied greatly, but all the rest was identical.  My sandwich was sausage and mustard and mayo.  It was disgusting.  I ended up feeding a lot of it to a peacock that was wondering around.  But I ate the fruit and drank the juice.  The peacock got most of my crisps too, because they were disgusting as well.  After seeing someone else eating their Bounty candy bar, I didn’t have the guts to eat my own.  Thanks a lot Oriel College.