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Meal #52: Dinner

Since we spent the whole day inside (rain and fear of driving down a mountain in it), I had plenty of time to roast a whole chicken and make a lovely wild mushroom risotto with sautéed radish greens and chicken-mushroom gravy.

There’s a serious damp chill in the air, so roasting meats in a hot oven was a must! Everything was very tasty although the plating fell short- sorry Adam. He says that although home is not a restaurant, I should be plating dinner like it is. He suggested molds, rings, forms, and towers of stacked fare with micro-green garnishes. We will see about that. Don’t get me wrong, I believe you eat with your eyes first, but I think a bigger part of me loves a rustic home-cooked look. It seems more comforting and true somehow. Also, I don’t even have a microplane here, let alone a ring mold. Hmmm…



Meal #42: Lunch

Prosciutto and tomato sandwich with mushroom risotto, Pret A Manger, London, UK

Pret A Manger, what else would I eat?  I just love Pret so much, how will I live without it back in DeKalb?  This was a truly great sandwich.  Silky prosciutto with fresh tomato and lettuce and a bit of mayonnaise, all on an artisan baguette.  The risotto was great as well, very smooth and extra mushroomy.  The grape and elderflower soda was crisp and floral and refreshing, as always.