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Meal #99: Lunch

Today we went to the 9th annual Cheeses of Savoie Festival! Awesome! We tasted tons of cheese, milked cows, watched artisans making cheese, and finally enjoyed the cow parade at the end. The cows were so cute! They had big, ornate bells on their necks and flowers woven around their horns!!!

We had fire roasted ham with a red bell pepper, mushroom, and mustard sauce, sauteed potatoes with onions and Reblochon, and bread. It was all ok, but not as good as we had hoped.



Meal #44: Dinner

Salted beef with pearl onions, Worm's Head Hotel, Gower Penninsula, Wales, UK

We started with this salted beef and caramelized pearl onions, it was lovely, though not in great abundance.  The beef was salty and tender, the onions had a crunch, but also brought a punch of sugar to the plate.

Hake with fennel and potato, Worm's Head Hotel, Gower Penninsula, Wales, UK
This was my main at the little pub on the cliff of the bay.  It was a delicious pan seared hake fillet laid over crisp-tender fennel stalks.  I normally don’t enjoy liquorice, but this was mild and very nice alongside the delicate fish.  The skin on the hake had a beautiful salted crispy texture.  The potatoes were a nice anchor for every other bite.  It was a beautiful meal, alongside a beautiful view of the most beautiful beach in the UK.

The view from the restaurant, Worm's Head Hotel, Gower Penninsula, Wales, UK

Meal #27: Second Dinner

Chips with all the best toppings, Posh Nosh kebab truck, Oxford, UK

It’s really hard not to get chips after a night out.  The truck is right there…. just calling my name.  Robbie and I got the exact same order without even knowing it!  Which strange because it’s a fairly complicated and diverse set of toppings, from a menu with endless possibilities.  I had chips with salt, vinegar, cheese, chicken, onions, garlic mayonnaise, and chili sauce.  I know that all sounds overwhelming, but it tastes amazing.  I need to travel to Turkey to get some real food though, they really know what they’re doing with these kebabs and such.  Anyway, it’s always a great late night snack.

Meal #13: Dinner

Stewed beef on rice, Dinning Hall, Oriel College, Oxford, UK

This stewed beef on rice was not so bad.  It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t disgusting.  There was a tomato based sauce with lots of veg.  The pearl onions were very nice.  I had yogurt with fruit in the corner for dessert.  Their yogurt here tastes a lot like our organic yogurt in the states, having the same consistency as they do not pump it full of stabilizers and artificial thickeners.  And it’s not filled with corn syrup, it’s actually pleasantly sour, it tastes like yogurt should taste.

Meal #12: Dinner

Lamb hotpot, The Rose and the Crown, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK

I actually ordered a steak and ale pie, which looked amazing in the pictures, but they were out of them.  So I settled for this “hotpot” instead.  It was pretty good in the end.  It was made up of tender lamb and potatoes with onions and mushrooms, all baked in a little ramekin.  I actually ordered mushy peas, but they gave me whole, so I mushed them myself and put them in my hotpot.  I’m finding out very quickly that which I always suspected: English food is good if you know what to order —they are expert “pie” makers here.