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Meal #101: Breakfast

Adam made me a delicious breakfast! He sauteed onions, garlic, mushroom, bell peppers, chorizo and then topped it all with a fried egg! So yummy! Well done my love 🙂



Meal #93: Lunch

Today we went to Italy! It’s amazing how different it was even though we were just over the French boarder. We had a lovely lunch at a small restaurant overlooking the valley. We stared with a charcuterie platter which had procuito, dried ham, and lardo (super thin sliced pig fat that is cured with tons of herbs) which melted on the tongue and was spectacular (Mario Batali is right)! We then had the pasta of the day which was homemade pasta with a garlic, parmesan, and truffle sauce – WOW! Finally we had the dessert which was ice cream with walnuts, almonds, and prunes in a warm brandy sauce with espresso. Everything was amazing!!! I could get used to this 😉


Meal #27: Second Dinner

Chips with all the best toppings, Posh Nosh kebab truck, Oxford, UK

It’s really hard not to get chips after a night out.  The truck is right there…. just calling my name.  Robbie and I got the exact same order without even knowing it!  Which strange because it’s a fairly complicated and diverse set of toppings, from a menu with endless possibilities.  I had chips with salt, vinegar, cheese, chicken, onions, garlic mayonnaise, and chili sauce.  I know that all sounds overwhelming, but it tastes amazing.  I need to travel to Turkey to get some real food though, they really know what they’re doing with these kebabs and such.  Anyway, it’s always a great late night snack.

Meal #22: Dinner

Curly fries and garlic bread, City Arms, Oxford, UK

More of a snack than a dinner, but I forgot to take a picture of my dinner at the college, so I figured this would do.  This is the only time the English call them fries, when they are curly.  I asked them why, and Robbie said it’s because “curly chips” sounds stupid.  I put something called “brown sauce” on them and malt vinegar and mayonnaise.  The brown sauce was a vinegar based sauce very similar to our steak sauce.  These curly fries tasted exactly like they came from The Junction, and the garlic bread was just some garlic bread, nothing special.

I love The City Arms though, not for their food but for the discounted drinks.  I have a little card on my keys called the Yellow Card, which gets me a discount on drinks at The City Arms.  You have to be a current student to get the Yellow Card, and most of my Oxford friends can’t get one, so when they go up to the bar to get a drink, they all have to borrow mine.  It’s funny because they go to The Arms all the time, and they have to borrow the American’s discount card every time they buy a drink.  Also, the drinking culture is so much different here.  They mostly buy their own, and drink their own, almost no sharing.  So, at The Arms, a jug (pitcher) of Carling or Carlsburg is only £5 with the Yellow Card.  A jug holds four pints, we had four people.  In America we would have taken turns buying one pitcher at a time, or maybe even two.  Not here, we each got our own jug and no sharing!  It’s such a funny difference.