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Meal #48: Lunch

Couldn’t decide what to have for lunch. Too many choices now. So we had a little of everything:) Half a croissant with country pâté, Comte, Dijon, and greens. Chips, cornichon, French icicle radishes, apples, and a green salad with a red wine vinaigrette.



Meal #32: Breakfast

No more fairy tale castles for me. We’re staying in a mixed dorm at a hostel in London. It’s actually very clean and nice, but privacy and nutritious food are hard to come by. Despite some of the downfalls of hostels, we’re clean, well rested, and happy to be in England! Today they offered cereal, toast, and croissants for breakfast. No fruit. No protein. Couldn’t they at least give us a cube of cheese? An apple? Nope. We know now to pick up some fruit to accompany our “continental”.





Meal #27: Breakfast

Another amazing meal at the castle! They use only locally sourced ingredients and wow are they tasty. I had a huge breakfast of Irish bacon, black pudding, mushrooms, potato bread, soda bread, and white porridge with local heather-honey, heavy cream, and Bushmills whiskey!!! Why haven’t I ever had boozy oatmeal?!? It is sooo good! We also loved the black pudding. I’m still not exactly sure what it is- a strange blend of bread and sausage…? The bacon tasted more like a pork chop than American bacon- delish! Finally, I must tell you about the apple juice- it was so amazing. Adam drank five glasses!!! It tasted similar to my grandma’s fresh homemade apple sauce. Pure apple. So sweet and natural. Unbelievable.





Meal #62: Breakfast

Ham and cheese croissant with hard-boiled egg , Paul and Kristien's B&B, Bruuge, Belgium
Our wonderful bed and breakfast hosts prepared an awesome breakfast for us!  There was a basket of various breads, butter, ham, cheese, hard-boiled eggs, tea, coffee, and fresh squeezed orange juice.  Charity and I both opted for the croissants which we made into sandwiches using liberal amounts of butter, ham, and cheese.  It was perfectly flaky and the ham, cheese, and butter were all high quality.  The hard-boiled eggs were perfectly cooked and tasted fresh from the farm.  The juice was excellent, and the tea and coffee were great as well.  A good way to start the day in Bruuge.