Meal #60: Dinner

Breakfast at Tiffany's burger, Atomic Burger, Oxford, UK

I’ve wanted to try Atomic Burger since my first week in Oxford, and I finally did!  We used some coupons we found in a magazine to get free milkshakes and chips with our burgers.  What a deal!  We ate with our Oxford friend Stu and our DeKalb friend Eric.  It was a pretty good meal.  I ordered the “Breakfast at Tiffany’s burger” which was cleverly named as it included a fried egg (breakfast) and onion rings (Tiffany’s).  It was very tasty.  The meat was juicy, the egg was fried to perfection with a runny yoke.  The bun was crispy with a thin layer of flour, (I love it when they do that).  The onion rings were perfectly crisp and slightly sweet.  The chips had a generous dusting of some type of spicy concoction that gave them just enough kick to not be forgotten.  The milkshake was smooth and creamy, and cold.

Cheese burger with carmelized onions and barbeque sauce, Atomic Burger, Oxford, UK

Charity had the bacon barbeque cheeseburger with carmelized onions.  The burger was greasy and delicious. I enjoyed the real bacon after only getting English bacon for the last week.  It was really good but I couldn’t finish it, I only ate half.  The chips were nice and spicy, and the milkshake was sweet and refreshingly cold.


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