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Meal #90: Lunch

Today we decided to drive the Savoie Wine Tour Circuit! So beautiful!  We started in Albertville and ended in Chignin. The vineyards were spectacular. We were driving along and we spotted a huge, ancient chateu. We left the wine tour circuit and went in search of the awesome Chateu! After just ten minutes we found signs pointing to Le Chateu de Miolans and we headed up the mountain. We toured the amazing castle then continued our wine tour. What a day! Perfect! I wish you had been here with me mom… you would have LOVED it (kisses <3)!

We stopped at this cute restaurant which offered just one set menu – celery root and mustard salad, beef stew with rice, and tooti-fruiti ice cream with raspberry coulis and espresso. All was excellent. We actually really enjoyed having no choices. It simplified the entire process. No choices. No decisions to make. No French to stumble over. No problems 🙂 Nothing was bad, but none of it was overly exciting either. I did, however enjoy the celery root salad. I’ve never had raw celery root and I was very pleasantly surprised by its crunchy texture and fresh, watery bite. I should also mention that the cheese board was huge and ridiculous! Une journée parfaite!

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Meal #85: Lunch

Geneva is really beautiful! We really enjoyed walking around the city and building a big appetite for lunch. We went to the highest rated restaurant in Geneva, a roasted chicken place! We split 1/2 a roast chicken with potatoes and sauce of the day and the Swiss salad which included hard-boiled eggs, bacon, gruyere, and garlic dressing. The sauce of the day was outrageously good! It was a rich chicken gravy with garlic and coriander. It was soooo good we were dipping everything in it 🙂 We finished with espresso, as usual!


Meal #83: Linner/ Dunch

Today we picked up Gary and Aimee at the Geneva, Switzerland Airport! We left the airport and headed to our hotel that was just 8 minutes away… or three hours! Jeeze! We are SOOOO bad at this getting places thing… :/ We completely missed lunch, so we had a big dinner instead:)

We went to an Italian pizza place outside Geneva – most restaurants are not open on Mondays. It was actually very good despite the fact that they had an automated pizza machine in the alley beside the restaurant – “fresh hot pizza in just four minutes! 24/7! “. Inside the real restaurant, we had the “Geneva” pizza with gruyere and salami and the “white” pizza with proscuitto, parmesan, and arugula. I LOVED the white pizza! I pretty much love anything with arugula. We also had the crudite salad which had corn, carrots, tomato, artichoke, olives, and a great garlic dressing. Everything was very good. We completed the meal with fine Italian espresso.

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Meal #80: Lunch

The weather promised to be perfect so we got up early and headed to Lac d’Aiguebelette! As usual, we took a few wrong turns and a 1 1/2 hour drive became a three hour drive. No worries… the drive was beautiful! We ended up on some lovely mountain roads with awesome views and luckily, a great restaurant!

We both started with Martini Bianco with lemon. So refreshing! We then had fresh green salads with beets, radishes, onion, and a great creamy balsamic dressing. I had the omelette with “house chips” and Adam had the steak with the “house chips”. WOW! I’m so glad I didn’t opt for the mashed potatoes. The “house chips” were awesome! Crispy, earthy, salty, a little charred in some spots – perfect! My omelette was done well, just a little borring. Adams steak was very good. Charred outside, rare inside, and surprise – sprinkled with cumin on the outside!

All was great, then I asked for mayonnaise and all became PERFECT! The waitress called inside through an open window to the chef. They didn’t have any, but he would make some fresh for me, “petite minute, s’il vous plaît madame”. WHAT?!?!? It was SOOO good. I dipped every chip in it. Adam even put it on his steak:) We finished the meal with espresso.

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Meal #71: Lunch

On our way to Annecy, we noticed this cute restaurant that was totally full – always a good sign. We both had the menu of the day. We started with the charcuterie plate- delish! Adam had the beef dish, not sure what cut it was, with a delicious country wine gravy and potatoes. I had some kind of white fish with an herb cream sauce and peas with onions and bacon. All was very simple and good. We then had dessert. Adam had the fromage blanc and I had a chocolate brownie-type cake – both nothing special. Of course we completed the meal with espresso 🙂

Apparently we hit the end of the lunch rush, because the place cleared out very quickly after we arrived (maybe we smell bad?). French restaurants are very strange. They are open from 12 until 2:30 then 7 until 10:30. Don’t you dare try to eat at 3pm or 6pm! 😉
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Meal #60: Lunch

Yum! We went to a lovely restaurant in Moutieres for a proper Sunday lunch. We both had steak frites and a green salad with a very cold rose. We finished with an excellent cup of espresso.

The steak was a bit on the thin side, but the cook expertly cooked it to medium rare. The frites were thin and very crispy- perfect, and the salad was fresh and crisp with a lovely sweet balsamic dressing. The cold rose was refreshing on this hot day and the espresso was just what we needed to get us moving after such a huge lunch:)