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Meal #31: Dinner

Steak and kidney pudding, The King's Head, Salisbury, UK

After going to Stonehenge, we drove into Salisbury to get dinner.  Dr. Holbrook, my biology professor, suggested that we try The King’s Head.  It was a giant bar and restaurant.  Easily the biggest restaurant I’ve been to since arriving in England.  I ordered the steak and kidney pudding, with chips and peas.  The pudding was really nice.  It had a great gravy, and big chunks of steak inside.  I could have used more kidneys in there, as I only noticed one bite of kidney.  The crust was crispy and flaky, buttery and soft on the inside.  The chips and peas were run-of-the-mill but still tasty after a drizzle of gravy.  I really like English food when its actual English dishes.  All the pies, puddings, and pasties I’ve had have been wonderful, I don’t know why anyone would say that English food is bad!  It’s when they try to make something unusual or foreign that they get into trouble, so it seems to me.


Meal #26: Dinner

Roast beef Yorkshire pudding wrap, The Turf Tavern, Oxford, UK

This was my first trip to the famous Turf Tavern!  The very place that Bill Clinton did not inhale in while in college.  The Turf Tavern is a great little place, extremely hard to find, but really cool indeed.  I learned from Robbie and Cara that “Yorkshire pudding” isn’t a pudding at all, it’s the savory pancake-like dough.  The “pudding” was really soft and slightly chewy, amazing.  I covered it in delicious gravy and dipped every bite in perfectly spicy horseradish sauce.  To drink, I had an Old Rosey cider, something like 8% but still really tasty, unlike the “K” cider I bought the other day that was 8.6% and I was told it’s what tramps drink.  It was a truly great meal, shared with great friends.

Meal #22: Dinner

Curly fries and garlic bread, City Arms, Oxford, UK

More of a snack than a dinner, but I forgot to take a picture of my dinner at the college, so I figured this would do.  This is the only time the English call them fries, when they are curly.  I asked them why, and Robbie said it’s because “curly chips” sounds stupid.  I put something called “brown sauce” on them and malt vinegar and mayonnaise.  The brown sauce was a vinegar based sauce very similar to our steak sauce.  These curly fries tasted exactly like they came from The Junction, and the garlic bread was just some garlic bread, nothing special.

I love The City Arms though, not for their food but for the discounted drinks.  I have a little card on my keys called the Yellow Card, which gets me a discount on drinks at The City Arms.  You have to be a current student to get the Yellow Card, and most of my Oxford friends can’t get one, so when they go up to the bar to get a drink, they all have to borrow mine.  It’s funny because they go to The Arms all the time, and they have to borrow the American’s discount card every time they buy a drink.  Also, the drinking culture is so much different here.  They mostly buy their own, and drink their own, almost no sharing.  So, at The Arms, a jug (pitcher) of Carling or Carlsburg is only £5 with the Yellow Card.  A jug holds four pints, we had four people.  In America we would have taken turns buying one pitcher at a time, or maybe even two.  Not here, we each got our own jug and no sharing!  It’s such a funny difference.

Meal #20: Dinner

World Cup themed dinner, Oriel College dinning hall, Oxford, UK

Because of the World Cup final, the dinning hall at the college decided to attempt to make dishes from the final two teams.  They made paella and a Spanish dessert called Pan de Calatrava, that’s Spain right?  So they were doing pretty well, but then they made ratatouille…. French, so…… weird, then there was a steak with a piece of Swiss cheese….. so, Swiss?….. weird.  And then the same old roasted potatoes and salad we always get, English I guess?  So out of all this weird combination of dishes, they had two from Spain, good start, and then a bunch of dishes from countries long ago eliminated from the tournament, and nothing Dutch at all.  Sounds like a World Cup theme fail to me.  By the way, all the food was terrible.

Special message to any of the Oriel College cooks that might stumble upon my blog: stop trying to make dishes that you have no idea how to make!  Make me some English food, you’re good at doing that!

Meal #19: Second Dinner

Chips and cheese, Kebab Kid, Oxford, UK

After a long night of dancing at the O2 Academy, nothing tastes better than chips and cheese with mayonnaise and barbecue sauce.  This is for sure not my first chips and cheese with mayonnaise and barbecue, but its the first one that I remembered to take an extremely blurry picture of.  What else what I eat at 4am?  So amazingly delicious.

Meal #18: Dinner

The new chicken temptation, Subway, Oxford, UK

My pence-pinching friends and I were hungry while hanging out at Stu’s, and they wouldn’t go anywhere else but Subway for food.  They love it.  I got the new chicken temptation.  It was a breaded and baked chicken breast.  For Subway, it really wasn’t too terrible, but it was still Subway.  When I told him black olives, he put three slices of olives on my sub, three.  A little bit stingy on the toppings over here.

Meal #16: Dinner

King Prawn in Garlic sauce, The First Floor, Oxford, UK

This was the first Chinese food I’ve had in England!  It was not too bad.  I had to convince two of my new best friends (Stu and Cara) to go to this nicer place rather than some dumpy place called Rice Box.  We had an extremely awkward moment while the old man shredded Cara’s duck, but the food was okay.  Different than any Chinese food I’ve ever had in the states.  I had the king prawn with garlic sauce, and a side of egg-fried rice.  It was pretty good, but nothing amazing.  We probably should have just gone to the Rice Box.

Meal #13: Dinner

Stewed beef on rice, Dinning Hall, Oriel College, Oxford, UK

This stewed beef on rice was not so bad.  It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t disgusting.  There was a tomato based sauce with lots of veg.  The pearl onions were very nice.  I had yogurt with fruit in the corner for dessert.  Their yogurt here tastes a lot like our organic yogurt in the states, having the same consistency as they do not pump it full of stabilizers and artificial thickeners.  And it’s not filled with corn syrup, it’s actually pleasantly sour, it tastes like yogurt should taste.