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Meal #47: Second Lunch

Prawn layered salad with apple juice, Sainsburys, Oxford, UK
This was a small take away lunch I grabbed from Sainsburys to eat on the Oxford Tube into London.  The prawns were super tiny, and a bit fishy, but hey, it’s from a grocery store after all.  It wasn’t so bad with the sauce that was included, it was sort of like salad creme, but slightly better.  For anyone who doesn’t know what salad creme is, it’s basically a sweetened mayonnaise, and your only option for salad dressing in England.  The apple juice was the best part of the meal, just some plain old apple juice, 35p worth of pure nature.


Meal #16: Dinner

King Prawn in Garlic sauce, The First Floor, Oxford, UK

This was the first Chinese food I’ve had in England!  It was not too bad.  I had to convince two of my new best friends (Stu and Cara) to go to this nicer place rather than some dumpy place called Rice Box.  We had an extremely awkward moment while the old man shredded Cara’s duck, but the food was okay.  Different than any Chinese food I’ve ever had in the states.  I had the king prawn with garlic sauce, and a side of egg-fried rice.  It was pretty good, but nothing amazing.  We probably should have just gone to the Rice Box.

Meal #3: Lunch

Sainsbury's grocery store, Oxford, UK

King prawn (shrimp) and rocket (arugula) sandwhich, apple juice to drink.  For a premade sandwhich coming out of a grocery store, this one was not half bad.  It was a kind of prawn salad like tuna salad, it had onions and celery, and mayonnaise.  Where we would say salad, they just call it a “prawn mayonnaise.”  Where in America can we get a premade grocery store sandwhich with shrimp and arugula on it?