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Meal #96: Lunch

Sorry everybody… I forgot a photo. We hiked down to the village and when we got back I was SOOO hungry. I heated up leftover ratatouille and ate the whole bowl before I remembered to take a picture 😦 It was an ugly dish anyway. I also had salad and pistachios. Relax, you didn’t miss anything 🙂


Meal #89: Dinner

Now that we have a vegan on board, it’s been a fun challenge to come up with delicious, vegan food. Dinner tonight was a great success! Yum! I made country ratatouille with oven roasted tomatoes, red bell peppers, zucchini, onion, garlic, and eggplant served over olive oil and bay polenta and garnished with basil . It was absolutely delicious! Another easy, healthy recipe to add to the weeknight regime. Adam didn’t think there was enough protein, so I baked a couple eggs in the ratatouille for him… that was tasty, too!





Meal #41: Linner/Dunch

After flying into Lyon, we rented a car an headed for the Alps- about a two hour drive (took us 3 1/2:). Everything was going great until we were ready to stop for some lunch and groceries to take up to our remote chalet. EVERYTHING was closed! Little did we know everything closes by 11am on Sundays- Crazy! We hadn’t had anything to eat or drink since 6am and by 3pm we were desperate.

We finally found a restaurant that was “open”. I think it was actually a private Father’s Day party, but the woman felt sorry for us (I think. She only spoke French) and gave us a table. They had only one dish on offer- a strange duck covered in a creamy sauce with ratatouille, a puffy omelette thing, and bacon wrapped asparagus. It was all very good actually. The nice woman then brought us a bowl of fromage blanc (fresh creamy cheese similar to yogurt) with sugar and a selection of cheeses. We thought lunch was done, but then she brought us an amazing dessert. A small almond cake covered in a creamy vanilla custard then topped with a spectacular apricot gel and fresh crushed pistachios and almonds. It was surrounded by a mote of cream and strawberry coulis- the best part of the meal! The dessert was spot on!

After we finished our meal, we asked for the bill and Adam gave her our credit card. It didn’t work! They only accepted “chip” cards which we don’t have in the US. We had no cash, so we said we would go to the ATM- NOPE! Closed. We had to apologize profusely and promise we would pay the next day. Embarrassing! They were very kind and didn’t act too upset. We paid them the next day. We never found an open grocery store. Luckily our kind exchange partner left us two bottles of excellent local wine. 😉








Meal #20: Dinner

World Cup themed dinner, Oriel College dinning hall, Oxford, UK

Because of the World Cup final, the dinning hall at the college decided to attempt to make dishes from the final two teams.  They made paella and a Spanish dessert called Pan de Calatrava, that’s Spain right?  So they were doing pretty well, but then they made ratatouille…. French, so…… weird, then there was a steak with a piece of Swiss cheese….. so, Swiss?….. weird.  And then the same old roasted potatoes and salad we always get, English I guess?  So out of all this weird combination of dishes, they had two from Spain, good start, and then a bunch of dishes from countries long ago eliminated from the tournament, and nothing Dutch at all.  Sounds like a World Cup theme fail to me.  By the way, all the food was terrible.

Special message to any of the Oriel College cooks that might stumble upon my blog: stop trying to make dishes that you have no idea how to make!  Make me some English food, you’re good at doing that!