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Meal #33: Lunch

Amazing! Why don’t we have Turkish Donner Kabob restaurants in the US? The lamb was juicy and flavorful with perfect crispy- charred bits and SOOO much garlic!!!! I had the Donner lamb plate with pickled carrots and cabbage as well as a small green salad. Adam had a Donner lamb roll which had the same ingredients rolled up in a fresh flat bread. We also had the yogurt spinach dip which was sour from the yogurt and lemon juice. Earthy from tons of cooked spinach and roasted garlic. It was awesome served with hot, out-of-the-oven homemade Turkish pita! Wow! It was all so good and we were totally stuffed. We only ate half our entrées, but we had to try the dessert- pistachio baklava with Turkish black tea…amazing!!! I was in heaven and Adam was pretty happy, too 🙂





Meal #12: Dinner

Lamb hotpot, The Rose and the Crown, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK

I actually ordered a steak and ale pie, which looked amazing in the pictures, but they were out of them.  So I settled for this “hotpot” instead.  It was pretty good in the end.  It was made up of tender lamb and potatoes with onions and mushrooms, all baked in a little ramekin.  I actually ordered mushy peas, but they gave me whole, so I mushed them myself and put them in my hotpot.  I’m finding out very quickly that which I always suspected: English food is good if you know what to order —they are expert “pie” makers here.