Meal #20: Dinner

World Cup themed dinner, Oriel College dinning hall, Oxford, UK

Because of the World Cup final, the dinning hall at the college decided to attempt to make dishes from the final two teams.  They made paella and a Spanish dessert called Pan de Calatrava, that’s Spain right?  So they were doing pretty well, but then they made ratatouille…. French, so…… weird, then there was a steak with a piece of Swiss cheese….. so, Swiss?….. weird.  And then the same old roasted potatoes and salad we always get, English I guess?  So out of all this weird combination of dishes, they had two from Spain, good start, and then a bunch of dishes from countries long ago eliminated from the tournament, and nothing Dutch at all.  Sounds like a World Cup theme fail to me.  By the way, all the food was terrible.

Special message to any of the Oriel College cooks that might stumble upon my blog: stop trying to make dishes that you have no idea how to make!  Make me some English food, you’re good at doing that!


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