Meal #8: Lunch

Turkey and cranberry sandwich with crisps, EAT., Oxford, UK

This was my first trip to the famous EAT. restaurant that Rachel was obsessed with.  I don’t usually like deli style turkey, but this sandwhich was pretty good.  I think it was the cranberry sauce that made it work.  There was also plenty of rocket on there.  The crisps were good too, salt and vinegar crisps are always good.

Meal #7: Lunch

Chicken curry, random food stand, Cowley Road, Oxford, UK

After walking almost all the way down Cowley Road during the annual Cowley Road Carnival, and just when Stu was at his breaking point for the amount of my curry-quest related whining, we found it.  This chicken curry was pretty decent, the chicken could have been a bit more moist, but the flavour and spicy level were spot on.

Meal #6: Dinner

Pork fajita burrito, The Mission, Oxford, UK

I didn’t think they could make descent Mexican food in Europe, but they do!  Taste wise, this was the best meal I have eaten since I borded the plane in Chicago.  The Mission is just like Chipotle, but the flavours are slightly different.  I ordered the same thing I would get at Chipotle, and I think I like The Mission more.  When the guy was done adding stuff to my burrito, he sort of massaged it all around, mixing everything together.  What a good idea, someone should forward that to Chipotle.  Good dinner.

My new shoes.

My new shoes from the Primark, Oxford, UK

If I had known how awesome the Primark clothing store is before I left for Oxford, I wouldn’t have packed any clothes!  All the clothes are really cool, and ultra cheap.  Cheaper than in the US.  V-neck T-shirts for only £2!  I bought some shorts and shirts, and this pair of awesomely crappy English shoes!  They look cool and help me fit in here with the locals, but I feel like I’m barefoot when I’m wearing them.  Had to get them though, they were just £5!

My 5-week home-away-from-home.

Stairway XXVIII, Room 1, Oriel College, Oxford, UK

My new home!  Its really not a bad room for a dorm.  Since our buildings were converted from apartments many years ago, everyone’s room is different.  Mine has a large closet whereas some don’t even have a closet at all.  My bathroom is larger than most as well.  All our rooms also have different furniture as well.  A couple super lucky people have small refridgerators, I have a piano!  I wish I new how to play.

Corridor to Stairway XXVIII, Oriel College, Oxford, UK

This is the outdoor corridor leading to my stairway.  Lots of people bike around here.

My room from the outside, Oriel College, Oxford, UK

This is my room, the purple wall with the slightly open windows.  This is the bad part about my rooom.  I am on the ground floor.  Although I don’t have to climb any stairs, I can only open my windows about four inches, for security.  They are blocked with little blocks of wood screwed into the frame.  And this alley is a busy walkway.

Dinning hall, Oriel College, Oxford, UK

This is where I eat breakfast and dinner most of the time.  Except for the pictures that I lost, I have forgotten to take breakfast pictures every single day.  I promise I will take one next time.

Meal #4: Lunch

The King's Arms, Oxford, UK

Fish and chips, a small mixed greens salad.  For my first ever fish and chips in England, this one was pretty good.  The fish was flaky and perfectly cooked inside it’s crunchy shell of fried batter.  The chips were not so good, a little dry.  But the tarter sauce was home made and awesome.  The salad was a nice touch of freshness on a plate otherwise piled high with friedness.

Meal #3: Lunch

Sainsbury's grocery store, Oxford, UK

King prawn (shrimp) and rocket (arugula) sandwhich, apple juice to drink.  For a premade sandwhich coming out of a grocery store, this one was not half bad.  It was a kind of prawn salad like tuna salad, it had onions and celery, and mayonnaise.  Where we would say salad, they just call it a “prawn mayonnaise.”  Where in America can we get a premade grocery store sandwhich with shrimp and arugula on it?

Daily food-ventures!