Meal #90: Lunch

Today we decided to drive the Savoie Wine Tour Circuit! So beautiful!  We started in Albertville and ended in Chignin. The vineyards were spectacular. We were driving along and we spotted a huge, ancient chateu. We left the wine tour circuit and went in search of the awesome Chateu! After just ten minutes we found signs pointing to Le Chateu de Miolans and we headed up the mountain. We toured the amazing castle then continued our wine tour. What a day! Perfect! I wish you had been here with me mom… you would have LOVED it (kisses <3)!

We stopped at this cute restaurant which offered just one set menu – celery root and mustard salad, beef stew with rice, and tooti-fruiti ice cream with raspberry coulis and espresso. All was excellent. We actually really enjoyed having no choices. It simplified the entire process. No choices. No decisions to make. No French to stumble over. No problems 🙂 Nothing was bad, but none of it was overly exciting either. I did, however enjoy the celery root salad. I’ve never had raw celery root and I was very pleasantly surprised by its crunchy texture and fresh, watery bite. I should also mention that the cheese board was huge and ridiculous! Une journée parfaite!

IMG_2541 IMG_2595 IMG_2577 IMG_2572 IMG_2535 IMG_2538 IMG_2539 IMG_2540IMG_2545


One thought on “Meal #90: Lunch”

  1. It looked like a perfect day, filled with lovely surprises! I’m so happy that you are having an amazing time. Love and kisses to you!!!

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