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Meal #83: Linner/ Dunch

Today we picked up Gary and Aimee at the Geneva, Switzerland Airport! We left the airport and headed to our hotel that was just 8 minutes away… or three hours! Jeeze! We are SOOOO bad at this getting places thing… :/ We completely missed lunch, so we had a big dinner instead:)

We went to an Italian pizza place outside Geneva – most restaurants are not open on Mondays. It was actually very good despite the fact that they had an automated pizza machine in the alley beside the restaurant – “fresh hot pizza in just four minutes! 24/7! “. Inside the real restaurant, we had the “Geneva” pizza with gruyere and salami and the “white” pizza with proscuitto, parmesan, and arugula. I LOVED the white pizza! I pretty much love anything with arugula. We also had the crudite salad which had corn, carrots, tomato, artichoke, olives, and a great garlic dressing. Everything was very good. We completed the meal with fine Italian espresso.

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Meal #38: Dinner

Ham and three mushroom pizza with Caesar salad, Pizza Express, London, UK

My first trip to the famous Pizza Express! While the name sounds like it would be a hole-in-the-wall take-away place, it’s actually a nice sit-down restaurant. I had half of a three-mushroom and ham pizza. The crust was thin and crispy with small charred patches that were a small burst of flavour. The sauce and cheese were thin, which was good because it left the focus on the three types of mushroom and the thin slices of salty ham. The Caesar salad was great, with a smooth and creamy homemade dressing and thin slices of anchovy. A very good pizza dinner right before Comedy of Errors at The Globe.

Meal #32: Lunch

Pepperoni and chorizo pizza, Tesco/Cara's Kitchen, Oxford, UK

Instead of eating out, we decided to all go back to Cara’s kitchen and make frozen pizzas.  It was a money-saving decision, not one based on taste or adventure.  I got this frozen pizza at the local Tesco grocery store for about £1.15 I think.  It wasn’t horrible, the chorizo was nice, but the whole thing was a little greasy, and kind of light on the cheese.  It was a good deal though, and eating with friends always makes the food taste better.