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Meal #30: Dinner

Our last meal in Dublin and it was excellent! We went to Green 19. The restaurant had a great atmosphere, excellent service, and even better food. We were all very happy with our meals. Unfortunately, I’m dealing with a cold, so I stuck to simple soupy type fare – tea, soup, salad (I need vitamins:) Adam had pan seared duck breast with celeriac purée, mashed potatoes and black berries. The duck was cooked perfectly- juicy and medium rare with a crispy exterior. The mashed potatoes were smooth and creamy and served with grilled baby leeks. I had the cream of mushroom soup. It was earthy, creamy and served very hot- perfect! The fresh green salad was crisp and perfectly sour with malt vinegar and green tomatoes. We finished our great meal with a perfectly crunchy-creamy creme brûlée. Ireland, it’s been great. Thanks!