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Meal #41: Linner/Dunch

After flying into Lyon, we rented a car an headed for the Alps- about a two hour drive (took us 3 1/2:). Everything was going great until we were ready to stop for some lunch and groceries to take up to our remote chalet. EVERYTHING was closed! Little did we know everything closes by 11am on Sundays- Crazy! We hadn’t had anything to eat or drink since 6am and by 3pm we were desperate.

We finally found a restaurant that was “open”. I think it was actually a private Father’s Day party, but the woman felt sorry for us (I think. She only spoke French) and gave us a table. They had only one dish on offer- a strange duck covered in a creamy sauce with ratatouille, a puffy omelette thing, and bacon wrapped asparagus. It was all very good actually. The nice woman then brought us a bowl of fromage blanc (fresh creamy cheese similar to yogurt) with sugar and a selection of cheeses. We thought lunch was done, but then she brought us an amazing dessert. A small almond cake covered in a creamy vanilla custard then topped with a spectacular apricot gel and fresh crushed pistachios and almonds. It was surrounded by a mote of cream and strawberry coulis- the best part of the meal! The dessert was spot on!

After we finished our meal, we asked for the bill and Adam gave her our credit card. It didn’t work! They only accepted “chip” cards which we don’t have in the US. We had no cash, so we said we would go to the ATM- NOPE! Closed. We had to apologize profusely and promise we would pay the next day. Embarrassing! They were very kind and didn’t act too upset. We paid them the next day. We never found an open grocery store. Luckily our kind exchange partner left us two bottles of excellent local wine. 😉









Meal #39: Linner/Dunch

I finally made it back to my childhood home- Brighton, England! It was much different than I recalled. Much larger, busier, and dirtier (the Brighton waste disposal workers were on strike:), but it was still awesome to return. The pier as well as the amazing fish and chips were just as I remembered. We went to The Palm Court which is at the very end of lovely Brighton Pier. The fish was fresh, tender, and super moist with a perfect crispy-fatty exterior. The chips were just right with malt vinegar. We also shared a pitcher of Pimm’s with all the trims. So refreshing!






Meal #37: Dinner

We have the great pleasure to be hanging with close friends in London. Our friend Robbie is a supervisor at Jamie’s Italian in London. He told us he would treat us to an awesome night of gluttony- boy did he deliver!!! We started with the meat plank and the fish plank- Italian prosciutto, capicola, olives, bread, smoked mackerel spread, pickled peppers, fresh smoked salmon, cockles, mussels, and so much more. Wow- and we still have mains on the way!

I had the pasta Vignole Tagliolini- a fresh clam, white wine, and butter pasta. It was amazing! Perfectly clean, simple sea flavors. Adam had the Wild Rabbit Tagliolini. It, too, was great. Earthy, creamy pasta perfection. We were totally stuffed, but we had to try the desserts:) Adam had the Jelly and ice cream. Elderflower jelly with honey ice cream-very good! I had the Raspberry Frangipane. An almond cake with raspberries and cream. Wowza. Too good! We also, of course, had satisfyingly bitter Italian espressos to complement our sweet desserts. Food. Coma.










Meal #31: Dinner

So delish! Super crispy fish and chips! Absolutely amazing with malt vinegar and mayonnaise! Adam had wild venison bangers and mash with black current jelly and stout gravy. Whoa! It was really good. The sweet and tangy jelly worked perfectly with the earthy, savory venison sausage and smokey gravy. Yum!



Meal #30: Dinner

Our last meal in Dublin and it was excellent! We went to Green 19. The restaurant had a great atmosphere, excellent service, and even better food. We were all very happy with our meals. Unfortunately, I’m dealing with a cold, so I stuck to simple soupy type fare – tea, soup, salad (I need vitamins:) Adam had pan seared duck breast with celeriac purée, mashed potatoes and black berries. The duck was cooked perfectly- juicy and medium rare with a crispy exterior. The mashed potatoes were smooth and creamy and served with grilled baby leeks. I had the cream of mushroom soup. It was earthy, creamy and served very hot- perfect! The fresh green salad was crisp and perfectly sour with malt vinegar and green tomatoes. We finished our great meal with a perfectly crunchy-creamy creme brûlée. Ireland, it’s been great. Thanks!





Meal #28: Dinner

Yet another great dinner!!! Made In Belfast- Yelp’s highest rated restaurant in Northern Ireland. We got lucky and arrived early for their £13 prefixe dinner menu! I had fresh goat cheese fritters with pecans, watercress, balsamic, and poached pear salad. I loved he juxtaposition of textures- crispy, crunchy, smooth, creamy, fresh greens, sweet pears and sour vinegar!!! Wow! I then had the fresh- made pasta with Irish cream, free-range chicken, wild mushrooms, ham and Parmesan. It was superbly creamy and silky.

Adam had a savory, earthy creamed mushroom and English asparagus soup with soda and brown bread and salt crusted Irish butter. So yummy! He also had a wild venison pie with creamy champ mashed potatoes. Wow! I officially love Irish food!








Meal #26: Dinner

New best dinner winner!!! Wow! We’re staying at Ballygally Castle in Northern Ireland. Beautiful! We had dinner at the castle restaurant. We started with a fresh-made pepper roll with butter. I had a selection of County Down heritage pork. It was SO amazing. The pork belly was crispy and silky with a perfect salty, herbal stuffing. The pork chop was perfectly cooked with an awesome charred exterior. The pork was totally different than our bland American pork. It has so much “animal” flavor. The salad was fresh and crispy with a lovely mustard vinaigrette. The potato croquette was crisp on the outside and smooth and creamy inside. I loved the creamed Savoy cabbage. The Irish really know how to make cabbage! We finished with locally made Irish Ice cream. Wow!!! It was sponge cake with honey, chocolate, and raspberry-lavender ice cream. Awesome!