Meal #37: Dinner

We have the great pleasure to be hanging with close friends in London. Our friend Robbie is a supervisor at Jamie’s Italian in London. He told us he would treat us to an awesome night of gluttony- boy did he deliver!!! We started with the meat plank and the fish plank- Italian prosciutto, capicola, olives, bread, smoked mackerel spread, pickled peppers, fresh smoked salmon, cockles, mussels, and so much more. Wow- and we still have mains on the way!

I had the pasta Vignole Tagliolini- a fresh clam, white wine, and butter pasta. It was amazing! Perfectly clean, simple sea flavors. Adam had the Wild Rabbit Tagliolini. It, too, was great. Earthy, creamy pasta perfection. We were totally stuffed, but we had to try the desserts:) Adam had the Jelly and ice cream. Elderflower jelly with honey ice cream-very good! I had the Raspberry Frangipane. An almond cake with raspberries and cream. Wowza. Too good! We also, of course, had satisfyingly bitter Italian espressos to complement our sweet desserts. Food. Coma.











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