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Meal #39: Linner/Dunch

I finally made it back to my childhood home- Brighton, England! It was much different than I recalled. Much larger, busier, and dirtier (the Brighton waste disposal workers were on strike:), but it was still awesome to return. The pier as well as the amazing fish and chips were just as I remembered. We went to The Palm Court which is at the very end of lovely Brighton Pier. The fish was fresh, tender, and super moist with a perfect crispy-fatty exterior. The chips were just right with malt vinegar. We also shared a pitcher of Pimm’s with all the trims. So refreshing!






Meal #31: Dinner

So delish! Super crispy fish and chips! Absolutely amazing with malt vinegar and mayonnaise! Adam had wild venison bangers and mash with black current jelly and stout gravy. Whoa! It was really good. The sweet and tangy jelly worked perfectly with the earthy, savory venison sausage and smokey gravy. Yum!