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Meal #55: Dinner

The afternoon brought more cool weather and showers, so I put the leftover chicken to good use. I simmered chicken bones and leftover vegetable bits with bay leaves, garlic, pepper, celery, and onion for about five hours. The result was a rich, dark, beautiful chicken stock perfect for chicken noodle soup!

Ive become a bit obsessed with apéritifs. We got two new ones- Pastis and Chamberyzette. The Pastis is almost unpalatable, very harsh black licorice flavor (my mom might like it). But the Chamberyzette is divine! It starts a little bitter and herbal then turns to a mild sweet fruity strawberry syrup flavor! Bonal is still my favorite, but I love trying new things!

We had delicious chicken noodle soup with salad and French bread with butter. Mmmmm!






Meal #49: dinner

Thanks to our lovely friend Elodie, we already knew about a regional speciality called Raclette. She recently hosted a lovely Raclette dinner- we were hooked. It wasn’t until a few weeks before we left for Europe that we learned that Raclette is a very popular regional dish here in Savoie! Lucky!

I started the meal with a generous glass of Bonal, of course. I made fresh green salads with a sharp mustard and red wine vinaigrette- just the way we like it. We also had skewers of onion, mushrooms, and zucchini, crusty French bread rubbed with garlic, and boiled baby potatoes. All covered in hot, bubbling slices of Raclette. Wow! I’m so glad Elodie taught us all about this fun and delicious French tradition!




Meal #43: Linner/Dunch

Wow. France is not going well. We got up bright and early after a long, hungry and thirsty day of travel the day before and headed to Lyon to return our rental car. Everything was going fine, until traffic came to a complete stop on the A 43. At first we thought, “no big deal. It won’t take them that long to clean up the accident”. Then after two hours stuck in one spot on a hot, French motorway with no water, we thought, “Oh my god! We’re gonna die out here”. Finally after 2 1/2 hours, police came through and directed everyone to slowly exit the motorway via a narrow, gravel shoulder. We were so relieved, but concerned we would have to pay the €150 late return fee on the rental.

We rushed to Lyon and arrived two hours late. Thankfully, the clerk was very kind and didn’t charge us the fee. She had heard about the accident. We still don’t know what happened, but it must have been really bad:/ By the time everything was settled we were exhausted. We stopped by a small convenience store-like grocery and picked up a couple things for a simple dinner. Why is it so difficult to get three squares around here?!? We had arugula salads with apple and shallot balsamic vinaigrette. Fried eggs and crusty French bread with country pâté. Not bad.