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Meal #37: Lunch

Simply lunch, Oriel College dining hall to-go, Oxford, UK

Another “delicious” bag lunch from Oriel College! Simply tuna sandwich, which was simply disgusting. The crisps were good since they started giving us “ready salted” instead of gross flavour powder. The Penguin Bar is never good, though some swear by it. I’d rather buy a lunch than take another Oriel sack lunch.


Meal #9: Dinner

Pork and apple pie, dinning hall, Oriel College, Oxford, UK

This was the best meal at the college so far!  The pork and apple pie was so good, I ate an extra portion.  It had big juicy chunks of pork in a lovely savory sauce.  There were mushrooms, onions, and slices of apple in with the pork, all under a crispy, flaky, perfect philo dough.  The potatoes and corn were nothing special, but the salad was very bland.  The dessert was awesome though, cream puffs floating in a dark chocolate bath!  I wish they made this for me every night!