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Meal #27: Breakfast

Another amazing meal at the castle! They use only locally sourced ingredients and wow are they tasty. I had a huge breakfast of Irish bacon, black pudding, mushrooms, potato bread, soda bread, and white porridge with local heather-honey, heavy cream, and Bushmills whiskey!!! Why haven’t I ever had boozy oatmeal?!? It is sooo good! We also loved the black pudding. I’m still not exactly sure what it is- a strange blend of bread and sausage…? The bacon tasted more like a pork chop than American bacon- delish! Finally, I must tell you about the apple juice- it was so amazing. Adam drank five glasses!!! It tasted similar to my grandma’s fresh homemade apple sauce. Pure apple. So sweet and natural. Unbelievable.






Meal #47: Second Lunch

Prawn layered salad with apple juice, Sainsburys, Oxford, UK
This was a small take away lunch I grabbed from Sainsburys to eat on the Oxford Tube into London.  The prawns were super tiny, and a bit fishy, but hey, it’s from a grocery store after all.  It wasn’t so bad with the sauce that was included, it was sort of like salad creme, but slightly better.  For anyone who doesn’t know what salad creme is, it’s basically a sweetened mayonnaise, and your only option for salad dressing in England.  The apple juice was the best part of the meal, just some plain old apple juice, 35p worth of pure nature.