Meal #55: Dinner

The afternoon brought more cool weather and showers, so I put the leftover chicken to good use. I simmered chicken bones and leftover vegetable bits with bay leaves, garlic, pepper, celery, and onion for about five hours. The result was a rich, dark, beautiful chicken stock perfect for chicken noodle soup!

Ive become a bit obsessed with apéritifs. We got two new ones- Pastis and Chamberyzette. The Pastis is almost unpalatable, very harsh black licorice flavor (my mom might like it). But the Chamberyzette is divine! It starts a little bitter and herbal then turns to a mild sweet fruity strawberry syrup flavor! Bonal is still my favorite, but I love trying new things!

We had delicious chicken noodle soup with salad and French bread with butter. Mmmmm!






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