Putting continental breakfast to work 😊

Many thanks to Elodie for showing me how to put a continental breakfast to work!!! 

For lunch, we had egg, cucumber, butter, and mustard sandwiches with red bell pepper- edible, not great, but free!!! 

We spent the afternoon at Ateneum, the Finnish National Gallery, enjoying spectacular works by Finnish and Norwegian artists like Edward Munch and Kittleson. We stopped in the cafe for coffee and our breakfast bounty. 


Hello from Riga, Latvia!!!

Sorry I wasn’t able to post more from London and Paris… The pace was too fast to keep up! We had a great trip and lots of great food… I will always remember it in my heart ☺️

Tonight, we have a quick layover in Latvia… Cool! I didn’t know I wanted to come here, but it’s nice! We’re enjoying cheap, delicious beer reminiscent of German Helles- light, refreshing, and slightly bitter. We had only a few minutes to grab a chicken salad sandwich from a kiosk. It was surprisingly good- fresh and flavorful. 

Helsinki here we come!!!!