Dinner with friendsĀ 

after getting settled we had a yummy dinner. I made fresh green salads with blues cheese dressing, oven roasted potatoes, sautĆ©ed zucchini, onion, mushrooms, and garlic, and two kinds of Finnish sausage. I didn’t love the lighter colored sausage- it was very soft, almost bouncy. But we all liked the darker, more smokey and chewy sausage.  


Drinks with friends

Jill and Cody made it to Vaasa safe and sound! We’re so happy to have them herešŸ˜Š We walked back home along the water and stopped for a pint at Strampin- a lovely seaside establishment. It was fun to catch up with good friends!  


We made it home! Jill and Cody we’re glad to be home. We had some aperitifs- Finnish beer, pickled herring, cornichons, bread, and butter.  


A walk along the BalticĀ 

We had to head into town to pick up Jill and Cody, so we took some good advice and walked along the shore- thanks Yvonne! It was a beautiful walk full of sunshine and birds singing. 

We stopped along the water for a snack- crackers with goat cheese and apples. We also tried a new soda, Limonadi. It tasted like blue freeze pops. It was a flashback to hot Illinois afternoons spent running through the sprinkleršŸ˜Ž 


Warm and sunny breakfastĀ 

Another beautiful, sunny morning in Vaasa! We sat outside on the terrace and soaked up the warm rays while reading and enjoying a tasty breakfast. We had coffee, of course, tart Turkish yogurt drizzled with honey and topped with strawberries, nectarines, and crunchy granola. Yum! Thanks for the granola Yvonne and Bjƶrn!