Drinks with friends

Jill and Cody made it to Vaasa safe and sound! We’re so happy to have them here😊 We walked back home along the water and stopped for a pint at Strampin- a lovely seaside establishment. It was fun to catch up with good friends!  


We made it home! Jill and Cody we’re glad to be home. We had some aperitifs- Finnish beer, pickled herring, cornichons, bread, and butter.  


A walk along the Baltic 

We had to head into town to pick up Jill and Cody, so we took some good advice and walked along the shore- thanks Yvonne! It was a beautiful walk full of sunshine and birds singing. 

We stopped along the water for a snack- crackers with goat cheese and apples. We also tried a new soda, Limonadi. It tasted like blue freeze pops. It was a flashback to hot Illinois afternoons spent running through the sprinkler😎 


Warm and sunny breakfast 

Another beautiful, sunny morning in Vaasa! We sat outside on the terrace and soaked up the warm rays while reading and enjoying a tasty breakfast. We had coffee, of course, tart Turkish yogurt drizzled with honey and topped with strawberries, nectarines, and crunchy granola. Yum! Thanks for the granola Yvonne and Björn!  


Chicken Temptation

I decided to try out a Finnish recipe I found online- Chicken Temptation. How could I resist a ridiculous name like that? 

It’s a simple baked dish with potatoes, onions, and chicken baked in a creamy curry and white pepper sauce. It was mild and filling. I imagine on the very cold Finnish winter evenings, a meal like this would be ultra satisfying. I served it with fresh green salads with tomatoes and more of the delicious homemade blue cheese dressing.  


After dinner, we went for a walk to the beach so I could dip my toes in the Baltic for the first time EVER! The walk along the shore was stunningly beautiful. The air here is fresh and sweet. The sun never stops shining. Utopia!     

Bock’s Corner Brewery! 

We love this place!  Why shouldn’t Bock’s have bocks outside? 

           We each had a beer- Adam had the Pils and I had the Dunkel. Both were good. We ordered the smoked turkey plate- locally farmed turkeys smoked yesterday! The dish was wonderful! The smoked turkey was served cold on a fresh, crisp salad with a sweet tart dressing. So yummy!  




Relaxing breakfast 

it was hard to choose what to eat for breakfast today… So many options 😊

I opted for Turkish yogurt drizzled with honey and topped with strawberries, toasted lingonberry rye bread with butter and raspberry jam, a strong cup of coffee, and a book of Hemingway’s short stories… Now that’s MY kind of morning 😘 


Dinner at home

We had wonderful day in Vaasa. We slept in, read and relaxed, cleaned and unpacked. Then we headed off to the grocery store. We thought it was just a short two mile walk… Boy were we wrong😏 We walked about 3 1/2 miles each way and with loads of groceries and local beers on the way back! Boy were we ready for dinner when we got home😋

We started with fresh salads with tomato and onion and a homemade blue cheese dressing. I made pan-seared Norwegian salmon with lemon-dill butter, sweet peas with onion and butter, and boiled new potatoes. We washed it all down with a lovely Argentinian Malbec. So yummy and fulfilling, especially after the long treck home.