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Breakfast and road snacks

Traditional Slovenian fare- scrambled eggs with salami, dried tomatoes, roasted pumpkin seeds and pumpkin oil. Ricotta cheese spreads with pumpkin oil and herbs, toast with their famous honey and homemade jams. Very good! Slovenia's famous cake-Mom, you would LoVE this! It's like an excellent vanilla cream pie. Adam and I fought over bites 😜 SUPER good!!! We bought this at a gas station 😂Serbia's answer to Coka-Cola. Not bad, but Adam prefers Coke. Cockta is more fruity and herbal.


sLOVEnia 💙

What a cute city! Ljubljana is such a surprise! Amazing rain fountain😳😊Our home for the night… trying some urban camping ⛺️ 😃👍🏻Union Brewery Very strange Slovenian dish- flat cake. It's a chewy bread topped with burnt pork bits and a little onion. It's sounds amazing, but is actually quite dry and tasteless. We were disappointed and didn't eat much 😞Beautiful bridges. Home.

Hungarian Countryside

Our adorable Airbnb in Hevic, Hungary. We were greeted with kisses, coffee, and a delicious apple and cream cheese pastry! Our hostess suggested a local wine cellar restaurant. It was great! We started with a bottle of Hungarian white and the beef tartar. It was really good! Served with lots of fresh veggies and crisp grilled bread. Adam also had the cream of mushroom soup. It was ok. For the main, I had grilled foie gras with apples, herbed potatoes, and onion jam. It was excellent! Adam had the venison steak with Letscho (Hungarian ratatouille) and some kind of apple filled pastries. They were strange but quite good. We had a huge meal with all the fixin's for about $75. Not bad. After a lovely evening walk through the vineyards and picturesque little village, we were ready for dessert. More white wine for me. A beer for adam. And the chocolate walnut crepes for both 😊


More excellent coffee- two flat whites. I also had the fresh beet, carrot, apple, ginger juice. Unfortunately it was really chunky and not that good 😐I had the mango and ricotta stuffed French toast with black current sauce. Super fresh and yummy! Adam had the breakfast burrito with chorizo and salad. It was tasty, too 😊About $23 😊

Anniversary dinner

After the long soak at Gellert, we were really hungry, but only had a few minutes to grab something before the Hungarian folk dance and music show. It's embarrassing, but yet, we had hotdogs in Budapest. AND they were good 😊 Adam had the Japanese dog- pickled ginger and cabbage with wasabi mayo. I had the corn dog with wasabi mayo. Pretty, pretty good 😂St. Stephens Basilica More yummy goulash, but for me this time. Adam had the chicken pancakes with paprikash sauce. Very good. A bottle of sparkling Rose from the Tokaj region to celebrate our special day! Tenderloin of Mangaliza pork with cauliflower, kale, and radishes. Excellent! Juicy and flavorful all around. Adam had the wild boar with barley and mixed veggies. Also very good. Summer pickles. Macchiato Chocolate mousse with red raspberries white wine sorbet. Perfectly balanced- sweet, tart, and a little salty! Cherry brandy. Adam had the apricot brandy. Sooo good! Perfect way to end the meal. Splurge for our special day- about $120 😮

Anniversary brunch

My cute, sweet husband! Has it really been 13 years!?!? Time flies when you're in love and having fun 😍Special wine from the Hungarian Tokaj region. It was rich and fruity, but also dry. Unique and delicious! By far the best foi gras I've ever had! It was creamy and buttery with just the right amount of mineral and a bit of metallic liver flavor. The accompaniments were also divine- brûléed tart apples, homemade brioche, and a raspberry coulis! Yum!!!Adam had the goulash. It was very good. For the main course, I had the chicken paprikash with noodle. Very good. Subtle yet refined and perfectly executed. Yes! Adam had the duck with paprika sauce. It was cook d to a perfect medium and the skin was crisp. Quite nice. Our playful waiter with another wine from Tokaj. Espresso and pear brandy. As mentioned before- it's expensive here. About $100, but it's our anniversary and I'm just getting started 😎The Gellert Thermal Bath. I've been dreaming of going here ever since I saw Rick Steve's awkwardly playing chess with locals in his opening sequence of "Rick Steve's Europe: Budapest" from 2002 or sometime around then…The opulent interior was completed in 1918 in an Art Nouveau style (my favorite) and little has changed since then. The baths are range in temperature from cool to hot and oh so relaxing! There are also aromatherapy steam rooms, saunas, places to take a nap or have a drink. We soaked for hours, had a 70 minute couples massage, and generally lived it up!!!

Busy, busy!

Delightful mussel stuffed artichoke hearts with Parmesan and tomato sauce. Excellent. Very odd menu option- Cream Cherry soup. I have never heard of such a thing, so I had to order it of course! This was either a strange starter or a gross dessert. Not sure which, but it had the texture of vomit and didn't taste much better. Bad call. Well prepared, but a bit boring, pan seared perch with sautéed baby veggies with caper cream sauce. Leek and pancetta stuffed tortellini in cream sauce. Creamy and delicious. Macchiato. Hungary is much more expensive than our other destinations. This meal cost about $89 😳Parliament Happy to be in such a cool city! Actually it was really HOT! We needed some refreshment… and some sugar 😂Amazing synagogue- the largest in Europe. Second only to a synagogue in NY. We had a dynamic tour that brought me and many others to tears. Did you know 600,000 Hungarian Jews dies in WWII. Horrific. This is a beautiful memorial in the garden behind the synagogue. Each leaf bears the name of someone who lost their life 😢Cool Ottoman exterior of the synagogue. Hands down the best ice cream/gelato/sorbet of the trip! I had lemon-basil (amazingly refreshing and delicious) and black current. Adam had sweet cream and Speculoos (you know, those amazing cookies that are a little spiced and crunchy they sometimes give you on airplanes?). Soooooo goood!!!!

Busy in Budapest

Gorgeous city views!! Budapest is absolutely beautiful. We couldn't stop. It was a site seeing frenzy!!!The Parliament overlooking the Danube river. The drink set-up. Salad with Apple and Brie. Adam started with the lamb goulash. The broth was remarkably silky and rich. Then he had the grilled pork chop with potatoes gratin (which tasted delightfully like tartiflette) and grilled vegetable salad. All were prepared well and were tasty! I had the seasonal cheese selection with salad. It was good. Not spectacular, but very good. I think the raspberries were my favorite part! Sadly, Budapest is a bit more pricey… $70.