Breakfast and road snacks

Traditional Slovenian fare- scrambled eggs with salami, dried tomatoes, roasted pumpkin seeds and pumpkin oil. Ricotta cheese spreads with pumpkin oil and herbs, toast with their famous honey and homemade jams. Very good! Slovenia's famous cake-Mom, you would LoVE this! It's like an excellent vanilla cream pie. Adam and I fought over bites 😜 SUPER good!!! We bought this at a gas station 😂Serbia's answer to Coka-Cola. Not bad, but Adam prefers Coke. Cockta is more fruity and herbal.


2 thoughts on “Breakfast and road snacks”

  1. The cake sounds delicious! I hope you’re taking notes of the different things you have eaten, so that you can reproduce them back here. Keep momma in mind, if you decide to make the cake.!!!

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