Hungarian Countryside

Our adorable Airbnb in Hevic, Hungary. We were greeted with kisses, coffee, and a delicious apple and cream cheese pastry! Our hostess suggested a local wine cellar restaurant. It was great! We started with a bottle of Hungarian white and the beef tartar. It was really good! Served with lots of fresh veggies and crisp grilled bread. Adam also had the cream of mushroom soup. It was ok. For the main, I had grilled foie gras with apples, herbed potatoes, and onion jam. It was excellent! Adam had the venison steak with Letscho (Hungarian ratatouille) and some kind of apple filled pastries. They were strange but quite good. We had a huge meal with all the fixin's for about $75. Not bad. After a lovely evening walk through the vineyards and picturesque little village, we were ready for dessert. More white wine for me. A beer for adam. And the chocolate walnut crepes for both 😊


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